If you haven’t heard about Spectrum Collections brushes and make up accessories then 1, you obvs don’t read my blog enough (see my mermaid inspired gifts here) and 2, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!

Spectrum brush sets are all over instagram, vlogs and blogs and it’s not just because they’re BEAUTIFUL and mermaid inspired amazing designs are hugely on trend right now. It’s also because the products and brushes are really great. They’re actually not unreasonably priced for their quality and their sets come with these wonderful bags and pouches to keep the beautiful brushes safe and sound.

They have just launched a new set of brushes called the Bomb Shell (as seen in the image above). It’s a set of 12 gorgeous brushes in a brand new stunning pink colourway, all wrapped up in a rose gold holographic clam clutch. Priced at £79.99.

This isn’t the only item on their books which is perfect for the mermaid and unicorn make up lovers, they have so many stunning products and I have picked just a few of my favourites for you lucky lot to peruse…


  1. Siren Smoke Brush Set – £39.99
  2. The Bomb Shell – £79.99
  3. Half Unicorn Half Mermaid Bag – £16.99
  4. Brush Clam Make Up Brush Cleaner – £8.99
  5. The Glam Clam – £59.99
  6. Unicorn Horn Polish Vegan Brush Cleaning Soap – £14.99

So now are you with me in my passionate love affair with Spectrum?!

Whether you’re buying as a gift or as a treat for yourself, these products are bound to put a smile on the users face – they will be glowing before they even put their make up on!!

Enjoy my lovely little mermaids🙂
love EJ xo


I know that mermaids and unicorns are EVERYWHERE at the moment and there are some super tacky bits out there… BUT some of us have loved unicorns and mermaids since way before they were cool and their new mainstream appeal only means that there’s even more amazing-ness out there for us to collect and covet. Totes like Ariel in her cave🙂.

You might have seen my post with some great Unicorn gifts, this time I’m all about the mermaid vibes, shells and holographic wonderousness. I’ve trawled the internet for my favourite mermaid themed goodies and gifts.

Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat?


  1. Mermaid Passport Holder – £8 – ASOS
  2. Spectrum: The Glam Clam – £60 – Beauty Bay (Please note family members, if I don’t get this for Christmas I will cry my eyes out).
  3. Mermaid Shell Backpack – £30 – Skinnydip
  4. Lost Ocean: An Inky Adventure and Coloring Book for Adults – £6.49 – Amazon
  5. Mermaid Shell in Pink Glitter – £30 – Skinnydip
  6. Mermaid Holographic Shell T-Shirt – £17.53 – Etsy
  7. Set of 2 Plastic Exercise Books – £15 – Paperchase
  8. iPhone 6S Plus Case In Holographic Snake – £8 – ASOS
  9. Holographic Shell Watch – £18 – ASOS
  10. Iridescent Lunch Bag – £14 – Paperchase
  11. Sea Shell Locket – £7.91 – Etsy
  12. Mermaid Snack Pots – £8 – Paperchase

Hope you all have a mermaizing day!
love EJ xo


Embroidery is EVERYWHERE this season – as already discussed in my previous post🙂. A great way to mix it into your wardrobe in a versatile fashion is in bags. Plus who doesn’t love an excuse for a new handbag?! Stick with a black background with bright and colourful embroidery to keep it chic and easy to wear with anything!

From intricate floral patterns to cheeky lipstick and emoji motifs, embroidery is the fun way to add interest to your look this autumn, so all aboard the embroidery train! While you’re waiting at the platform, have a browse some of my high street favourites…


  1. Embroidered Clutch – £29.99 – Zara
  2. Reclaimed Vintage Embroidered Envelope Clutch Bag – £16 – ASOS
  3. Mix & Match Mini Crossbody Bag – £35.99 – Zara
  4. Black embroidered velvet clutch – £30 – River Island
  5. Quilted Patches Crossbody Bag – £45.99 – Zara
  6. Black Embroidered Floral Print Chain Shoulder Bag – £19.99 – New Look
  7. Embroidered Detail Crossbody Bag – £45.99 – Zara
  8. Reclaimed Vintage Embroidered Rose Cross Body Bag – £20 – ASOS

Alternatively, if you’ve got a favourite black bag you want to instantly make on trend, or you’re on a budget… Why not buy some embroidered patches to stitch on? Take a look at just a few available online, or pop into your local haberdashery where they will have countless others to choose from! Or take a look on Etsy for dozens of super cute, unique patches here.


  1. Skinnydip x Coca Cola Patches – £12 – ASOS
  2. Evil Eye Iron on Patch – £1.89 – Etsy
  3. Ohh Deer Get Lost Patch – £4.95 – ASOS
  4. Embroidered sew on applique patch – £3.69 – Etsy
  5. Thunderbolt Iron-On Patch – £2.30 – Etsy
  6. Orelia Star Patch – £5
  7. Embroidered ‘FRIES BEFORE GUYS’ junk food patch – £4.99 – Etsy
  8. Skinnydip Wild Child Iron On Patches£10  £6 – ASOS

Happy patching pals!
love EJ xo



I am all about getting down with a good skin care regime. I’ve never had awful skin, but it’s always been a bit spotty and blotchy and it’s a big fan of gifting me a whopping zit or ginormous lurker just before a big event. When you’re wearing make up every single day (except those lazy Sundays we all lay in wait for with no make up and puled up hair all day long – can I get an amen?!) it’s so super important to make sure you take extra good care of your skin. Plus we gotta get those selfies on fleek!

Recently my bestie Sarah has started working with a brand called NU Skin who, among many other things, offer some of my favourite skin care options on the market – zit-busting mud masks, wrinkle-banishing eye-cream and deeply-softening moisturisers to name but a few.

Nu Skin-logo-tagline-DTBY.png

I’ve sat down with Sarah to pick out the top 5 best skin care products on offer… They all produce amazing results and get you glowing before you even get to the make up stage! The best bit? I’ve got a cheeky discount code you can use when ordering with Sarah. Quote EMILYJANE10 to get 10% off your order.

Take a look at my picks below…


1 – Epoch Glacial Marine Mud Mask – £25
Favoured by TOWIE’s Fern McCann and Kirk Norcross as well as number 1 beauty Michelle Keegan, this mask is amazing at drawing out impurities, removing dead skin and nurturing skin. It’s full of minerals and goodness which our skin loves, including zinc, magnesium and silver! You just smooth it on in it’s dark grey form, then once it’s all dried to the lovely pale minty grey colour (about 15-20 mins) it’s time to wash it off. Use it a couple of times a week to draw out the toxins, then banish them! What I love about this mask is that it shows you how it’s working with oils visibly coming to the surface and being absorbed by the mask – I always end up with a very speckled nose as that’s where I have lots of blackheads and spots. Cry. I have to say though this really helps to make skin feel fresh, clean and happy!🙂
Read more here.

2 – Polishing Peel Skin Refinisher – £30
Polishing Peel actually works to resurface and polish yout skin to immediately deliver fresh, glowing complexion. This is what you would usually expect from a professional microdermabrasion treatment and this amazing product is clinically proven to be equivalent to this, but all from the comfort of your own home, for a fraction of the price, and at any time you’d like! With pumpkin enzymes and volcanic clay, like the Mud Mask, this product is full of natural ingredients that your skin loves! When I’ve used it I’ve found it to work just like a face mask, leaving skin instantly feeling fresher, younger and happier. However it takes a fraction of the time – less than 5 mins and it peels off to leave you with a whole new face! (Disclaimer, not an actual new face, you won’t be Beyoncé, but it will FEEL like you are!!).
Read more here.

3 – Moisture Restore – £40
So this is just a really flipping good, luxurious moisturiser. It’s great for dry, senstive or mature skin with pistachio oil to nourish, aloe vera to soothe and vitamin E (the BEST thing in the world for skin in my – and my mum’s – opinion. Mother knows best!) to condition. It’s great when it’s really cold and your skin feels cracked and sad, or when it’s really hot and you might have a spot of the face peels from sunbathing. For day to day it’s also a fab nighttime moisturiser – slather it on before bed and wake up with skin feeling younger, restored and so so moisturised!
Read more here.

4 – Epoch Blemish Treatment – £15
Bye bye blemishes! I’ve been using a very similar gel from Clinique, but when mine ran out I switched over to this one and it’s just as effective, but cheaper! It’s got a bunch of magical ingredients to clean pores, reduce redness, soothe skin and generally sort those spots out! This is great for people who have frequent blemishes and red spots – as you can see from the before and after pics (only 2 days!) it does a stellar job! I use it for larger pimples and find that they’re noticeably reduced, if not gone overnight! Use this after you’ve cleansed your skin for the day. Be aware that it can dry the skin out if used too much, so use sparingly and with a good moisturiser!
Read more here.

5 – Tru Face IdealEyes – £45
Ok, so I’ve not used this one personally, but HELLO MIRACLE WORKER! The images above show how the eyes are looking after just 2 weeks of use and it looks like the clock has just been turned back on this lovely ladies face! While I’m sure there’s a handy bit of good lighting involved, it’s clear that this cream has had a huge impact on lines and puffiness. It’s proven to brighten, reduce signs of fatigue, puffiness and fill lines. what’s not to love?! It works short term as seen in the images above over 2 weeks, but it also works in the long term too – eliminating the pigments that cause dark circles.
Read more here.

So there you have it, some amazing, proven to work products. While they’re a little more expensive than your drugstore brands like Nivea and Simple (the devil products – don’t use these!), they’re such a high calibre of product I would put them in the realm of Clinique and Clarins.

Remember, you can get 10% off your order by quoting EMILYJANE10. To order, get in touch with Sarah via her Facebook page here, and give it a like to learn more about all the other great products on offer! Or you can email her directly: sarah.fitzsimmons@hotmail.co.uk.

Now go get that glow gals!
love EJ xo




I am in LOVE with all of these lovely little (and some not so little) gifts and cute items that are amazing, but you’d not usually buy for yourself… Unless you were looking for a special treat🙂
Hint hint family members – Christmas isn’t miles away now!

Take a look at some of my favourite unicorn bits and bobs below – mostly below £10, all below £40!


  1. iPhone SE/5/5S Glitter Unicorn Case– £18 – Skinnydip
  2. Silver Plated Unicorn Necklace – £19 – Estella Bartlett (I own this in rose gold – GREAT work leaving present)
  3. Unicorn Robe – £30 – ASOS
  4. Unicorn Mood Light – £8.95 – Mythological Lighting
  5. Unicorn Print Always Be Yourself – £9.99 – Etsy
  6. Unicorn Cookie Cutter – £5 – Meri Meri (NEED THIS!)
  7. Keep Calm and Colour Unicorns – £4.99 – ASOS
  8. Unicorn Light Up Slippers – £39.99 – The Gift Oasis
  9. Sterling Silver Unicorn Bracelet – £38 – Dogeared (YES PLEASE!)
  10. NPW Unicorn Tape Dispenser – £10 – ASOS

I hope you all have mythical and wonderful Fridays!

love EJ xo


But actually do!


Rose pink and beautiful blush colours have been all the rage this summer. Pink is just the BEST colour and blush is a great way of incorporating pink in your wardrobe with a touch of class and effortless feminine style, without looking too girly.

As we’re moving into the Autumn Winter wardrobes (sadly) I’ve been looking at some ways to incorporate this lovely colour into the cooler months…


  1. Jacquard T-Shirt – £15.99 – Zara
  2. Pink Crew Neck Sweatshirt – £5 – Primark
  3. Blush Hip And Waist Belt With Rose Gold Buckle Detail – £8 – ASOS
  4. Oversize Silk Blouse – £59.99 – Zara
  5. Flowy top – £14.99 – Mango
  6. Double layer dress – £29.99 – Mango
  7. Crochet Trim Bralet – £20 – Topshop
  8. Daisy Street Longline Military Bomber With Pockets – £34.99 -ASOS
  9. Kimono Bodysuit – £15.99 – Zara
  10. Zipped biker jacket – £49.99 – Mango
  11. Twist Front Crop – £16 -Topshop
  12. Off shoulder blouse – £29.99 – Mango

Enjoy getting your blush on ladies!
love EJ xo


There are so many ways to wear one of this summer’s hottest trends – embroidery. It’s colourful, folky and therefore perfect for the summer months! One way to make sure you’re always on trend with the look? Keep the base colour basic. I love embroidery on black and white. There are loads of other colours out there, reds and blues and baby pinks, but I think the timeless looks (and easiest to style) are those that sit on black and white backgrounds.

So which side do you belong to? The dark side – with bright pinks, teals and contrasting white embroidery? Or the light side – whites and creams with bold blues, reds and black embroidery? Maybe some of my favourite options below will help you make up your mind – or show you that you like a little bit of both!

embroidered darkCelebs on the dark side (L-R): Anna Kendrick, Beyoncé, Gigi Hadid, Olivia Palermo

  1. Short skirt – £19.99 – H&M
  2. Reclaimed Vintage Embroidered Envelope Clutch Bag – £16 – ASOS
  3. Embroidered Shirred Dress by Nobody’s Child – £30 – Topshop
  4. Embroidered skirt – £24.99 – H&M
  5. Embroidered Mini Skirt – 29.99 – Zara
  6. Embroidered Dress – £49.99 – Zara
  7. Embroidered Bralet by Glamorous – £39 – Topshop
  8. Embroidered bucket bag – £29.99 – H&M
  9. Floral Embroidered Bomber Jacket by Glamorous – £68 – Topshop
  10. Embroidered Lace Pencil Skirt – £70 – Oasis

light celeb embCelebs on the light side (L-R): Kate Middleton, Lily Collins, Katie Holmes, Blake Lively
embroidered white

  1. Embroidered Jacket – £89.99 – Zara
  2. Glamorous Petite Embroidered Sleeveless Top With Tassel Detail – £41 – ASOS
  3. Orange Tassel Embroidered Tote Bag£24.99  £11 – New Look
  4. Cream Embroidered Trim Fray Hem Cami – £19.99  £11 – New Look
  5. TALL Embroidered Bib Playsuit – £26 – Topshop
  6. White Embroidered Trim Strappy Dress – £29.99 – New Look
  7. Star Mela Placement Floral Embroidered Clutch with Tassel – £49 £22 – ASOS
  8. Embroidered Poplin Shirt – £29.99 – Zara
  9. Embroidered cotton blouse – £35.99 – Mango
  10. Embroidered Contrast Bomber Jacket by Glamorous – £45 – Topshop

And some final top tips? Go for floral and bold and bright for an all over pattern, but tribal, basic and subtle for an embroidered trim. Also try not to over-do your outfit by wearing a heavily embroidered piece with other bold patterns and bright colours – let your embroidered item stand out and do the talking to keep things super chic!

I hope you like the lovely items I’ve pulled together – let me know if you’ve got any great embroidered items this summer and where they’re from!

love EJ xo