My Top 5 Websites

These are my top 5 favourite websites and why:
1. Glamour Magazine – My favourite magazine, and also a place to get the latest beauty and fashion information.
2. Perez Hilton – All the latest in celebrity gossip as it happens. The only place to go to get up to date info on all the stars. Plus I love the way he writes, every post contains humour.
3. Post Secret – Post Secret is a place where I can go to escape, and look at secrets sent in by anonymous members of the public. Some are funny, some are sad, some are down right freaky. As well as the secrets themselves I love the artwork created by the writer and the ways in which different secrets are displayed.
4. Interview Magazine – I love the way this website looks, as well as the content – with in depth and interesting interviews, photographs and videos of current stars made/interviewed by other famous faces.
5. – As a massive fan of television, this is the place I always go to find out what’s going on with my favourite shows, both English and American and when they are next airing.

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