Timeline: Alexander McQueen

A Timeline of Lee McQueen’s life, his career in fashion, his brand Alexander McQueen, his personal life and his death.


17 March 1969: Lee Alexander McQueen is born in Lewisham, the youngest of six children and the son of  a cab driver.

1985: Left school aged 16 with an O-Level in art and began an apprenticeship with Saville Row tailors, Anderson & Sheppard.

1989: Employed by designer Koji Tatsuno.

1990: Moved to Milan to pursue his career in fashion, where he worked as Romeo Gigli’s assistant.

1994: Left St. Martin’s College, London with a master’s degree in fashion. His entire degree collection was famously bought by Isabella Blow

October 1996 – March 2001: McQueen is appointed chief designer for Givenchy.

1996: Awarded British designer of the year for the first time by the CFDA, he also goes on to win it in 1997, 2001 and 2003.

December 2000: Gucci acquired 51% of Alexander McQueen, making him Creative Director.

2003: ‘Kingdom’ collection is launched. McQueen is awarded British designer of the year and International designer of the year by the CFDA. He was then awarded a CBE.

2005: ‘MyQueen’ collection was launched

2007: Awarded GQ Menswear designer of the year.

2 February 2010: McQueen’s beloved mother died.

11 February 2010: McQueen dies in his London home, age 40. Coroners report later shows that McQueen hung himself, due to depression after the death of his mother.

16 February 2010: Lady Gaga honoured McQueen in her performance at the Brit Awards.

18 February 2010: The president and chief of the Gucci Group, Robert Polet announced Alexander McQueen business would continue without its founder and creative director.

25 February 2010: McQueen’s funeral took place, his ashes were later scattered on the Isle of Skye.

March 2010: A tribute to McQueen was organised featuring Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Annabelle Neilson.

20 September 2010: A memorial was held at Saint Paul’s Cathedral. Many famous faces were in attendance.


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