2010 Hair trends: Grown out roots

This winter trend for celebrity hair is everywhere, from Hollywood stars to English style icons. The look of dark roots gradually fading to honey and blonde tips is one which is easy to mimic.

Drew Barrymore :: Rachel Bilson :: Sophia Bush

Celebrities who have managed to pull off this look are those like Rachel Bilson and Sophia Bush, who have kept the transition from brown to blonde gradual, fading to a lighter honey colour. This looks more like their hair has been sun-bleached and then grown 0ut in the winter. Others like Jessica Biel have lighter shades to frame their face and add depth to their style. I’m undecided as to whether I like this style or not, I think it looks better on some than others. I feel those who have successfully created the look are those who have gone for darker honey blondes, keeping a natural colour.

Jessica Biel :: Lauren Conrad :: Hilary Duff

This look definitely works better with a wave to the hair, if hair was to be dead straight, the point where the colour changes would be so obvious, and look like the hair colour had been neglected.

Fearne Cotton :: Alexa Chung :: Sarah Jessica Parker

How to create the look yourself…

  • The look works best with longer hair, preferably below shoulder length
  • Go for a shade lighter than your own, but not too much of a contrast.
  • Keep to warm shades, like sun-kissed browns and honey tones.
  • Go for highlights, rather than all over colour, this will make the transition more gradual and natural looking
  • Give yourself at least three inches of roots before going lighter
  • Have a couple of longer lighter strands to frame your face.

And here’s how not to do the look…

Katie Waissell :: Pixie Geldof :: Nadine Coyle

  • Going for shades at opposite ends of the hair colour spectrum makes the look messy and as though dying has been neglected, like 2010 XFactor contestant Katie Waissell’s.
  • Keeping the style polished will ensure the look remains sleek, if the style gets messy, it makes it look as though no time has been put into the look, like Pixie Geldof.
  • Greasy hair only emphasises the dark roots – see Nadine Coyle

For now, I think I’m going to stick with all over colour, (beside the fact that I can’t afford highlights right now) it is a very popular look, but difficult to pull of well without hair looking neglected and just in need of a dye-top-up.


3 responses to “2010 Hair trends: Grown out roots

  1. I have a feeling I fall into the latter category… Anyway, another great post! I’m ‘dyeing’ to see the next. Aye, aye?!

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