Shift up a gear: Shift dresses for Spring

This season see’s the high street being a sea of shift dresses, which I love, because they’re flattering, comfy and timeless. It’s all about covering up the cleavage and letting the legs loose. The new shift is shorter and more fitted than the sixties style original. The best way to go is a block colour in either classic black or something vibrant to really make a statement, my favourites are pinks, reds and oranges. For me, is the home of shifts this season.

1. Shift dress with flared skirt – £25.99 – Zara

I love this dress!!! I bought it the other week and I can’t wait to wear it to a wedding next month, I’m going to team it with thick black tights and simple black heels then go for a high bun and perhaps a bib necklace to finish the look. The darts in the front look lovely and the whole dress is such a flattering shape. Unlike the traditional shift, the fuller skirt adds a more modern edge to the dress. Plus it’s bright pink, what’s not to love?! But please don’t ever wear it with those hideous blue shoes!!

2. High cut neck shift – £30.00 –

Although short, this dress is simple and stunning, showing off the legs, but with a high cut neckline this is balanced. I like the slight racer back and exposed zip. I also love the shoes the model wears and the chunky black jewelery. Wear with black tights if you’re chilly, or go bare legged for a night out.

3. V back shift dress – £79.90 – Mango

Mango is very low on stock, but it is also available from if you’re searching for it. It looks very different colours on each page, but I think that’s a case of lighting. I’ve seen the dress in person and it’s more like the colour on the left than the right. I love the simple front and the detail in the back. It will hide any areas you don’t want on show.

4. Sleeveless knot waist shift dress – £35.00 –

I love all these colours, especially the blue, gorgeous! I like the twist (literally) on the classic shift with the knotted waist. The slash opening at the back is cute and the length is good for either a night out or a more classy event, perhaps with tights. Wear with hair up to show off the back and neckline.

5. Cut Out Shift Dress – £35.00 –

I know you’ve seen it before, but I will never get bored of blogging about this dress. I so wish I had the money to buy it – one in every colour! It’s just lovely!!


2 responses to “Shift up a gear: Shift dresses for Spring

  1. Love both these ASOS numbers, I was looking at the first one the other day actually for a media planning presentation but alas 😦 I cannot afford, both excellent investment buys though! x

    • Exactly, they’re the kind of shapes that won’t go out of fashion. Although the colours are poppy and bright, they mostly come in black too, so you can re-use them for seasons after.
      Good luck with the presentation! EJ xx

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