Music March: Week 3

Day 15: Boy & Bear – Mexican Mavis

This song was suggested to me by one of my friends from across the ocean in Australia (thank you Em).  As soon as I heard the song I loved it, they remind me of an Australian version of Mumford & Sons, another of my favourite bands.  The video is also adorable and I love all the different layers to the music.

Formed in 2009, Boy & Bear call their style of music “a combination of drivey indie folk and choral harmonies.”  They supported Laura Marling on her UK tour and did in fact support Mumford & Sons on their tour around Australia, perhaps this is where their similarities come from.

Their cover of one of my ultimate favourite songs EVER, ‘Fall At Your Feet‘ byCrowded House is also brilliant (see the video below).  It was recorded as part of a tribute album to Crowded House, where they recorded the song.


Day 16: Rock Kills Kid – I Turn My Camera On

I’ve had this song on my iTunes for years, but only really listened to it properly a couple of days ago on my long train journey back to Bournemouth from home.  I am now obsessed.  It’s a little weird at first but is actually very catchy.  It’s a cover of a song by Spoon, but I much prefer this version.  It seems that I first heard it on One Tree Hill and it has also appeared on The OC. I love the beat and the chanting in this song, it’s a good summery song, or a great one to play on the walk to uni.

Rock Kills Kid are an alternative rock band from LA, they were named one of Rolling Stone magazine’s “10 Artists to Watch in 2006”.  I don’t really have a favourite lyric for this song, but here it is:


Day 17: Alex Cornish – The Shame

This is yet another one of my favourite songs at the moment, I heard it on American medical drama Private Practice and fell in love.  Alex Cornish is an Edinburg based singer-songwriter.  You might recognise him from a session he did for Dermot O’ Leary in May 2010, he also did another session for on BBC Radio 2 alongside Ellie Goulding.  His cover of Brothers in Arms was included on the Dermot O’ Leary Saturday Sessions CD which came out in October 2010.


Day 18: Matthew Mayfield – Better

Basically I am in love with Matthew Mayfield and this song (he’s also pretty hunky).  I first saw it on Grey’s Anatomy, it’s become one of my most played songs.  Beautiful!

Read more about Matthew Mayfield here.


Day 19: The Raconteurs – Blue Veins

To go in a completely different direction from the music I’ve shown so far this month, this goes down a much more alternative route than the other acoustic and folky.  The Raconteurs are fronted by one half of The White StripesJack White, so that may be why you recognise the vocals.

The Raconteurs are well known for their song ‘Steady as She Goes‘ from their album ‘Broken Boy Soldiers‘, however I think the real star of that album was this song, its moving and I love the different layers of the song, I think that Jack White’s voice sounds brilliant on the track as well.


Day 20: Patrick Park – Something Pretty

I heard this song on the OC soundtrack, Mix 2.  This was the track which made me fall in love with the CD.  Patrick Park is an American singer-songwriter who is known for his acoustic and folk music.  Overall he’s not very well known, but I think his music is beautiful and this song always makes me smile.


Day 21: Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Atlas Hands

This was another song which was introduced to me by a friend, who is basically a hub of amazing musical knowledge, one of many reasons why I love him.  This song is so beautiful, so is the video (see below).  I love Benjamin Leftwich‘s voice and the guitar on this track, it has quite an early Bon Iver feel to it.  It’s great to chill out to and his voice is so soothing.

Go to Ben’s myspace page for a free download.

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