Music March: Day 24: Landon Pigg – Can’t Let Go

Landon Pigg was a  discovery of mine last year, I first heard of him when I watched ‘Whip It’ in the cinema, I loved the film and all the music in it.  Landon plays Oliver, a love interest for the main character, Bliss, played by Ellen Page (another one of my favourite people in the world).  Landon also plays music in the film, so afterwards I wanted to research him and find more songs.  This, along with ‘Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop‘, is by far my favourite.  It reminds me of a friend, and the lyrics are so truthful it’s touching.  Plus he’s kind of sexy in a messy-indie-rocker way.

Landon hasn’t had much success in the UK yet, but I really love his music and think that he’s going to be huge one day.  This song proves his amazing talent and really showcases his voice.

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