Get the look: Pretty Little Liars: Hanna

Pretty Little Liars has quickly become one of my favourite TV shows.  I love the four main characters and their individual styles, so I’ve been shopping around for key items which will enable us civilians to acheive the look for less.  Today I’m focussing on Hanna Marin and her unique sense of style.  Here are the key points to remember when aiming for the Hanna look –

The school hallway is her runway. Hanna never dresses down, she did that enough when she was ‘Hefty Hanna’ and wanted to shrink into the background.  So dress up, don’t be afraid of sparkles and if in doubt, opt for heels.

Always choose blue. Hanna looks great in blue and wears a lot of it, in all shades and tones.

Mix soft with hard. Mix girly frills and soft fabrics with more tailored pieces to create a contrast between the hard and soft.  Hanna does this a lot with floaty tops and tailored blazers.

Define your waist. Hanna is always seen wearing waist belts and empire line tops and dresses, these emphasise her waist.  Hanna is also a fan of belted cardigans, which are very on trend at the moment.

Cover up your cleavage and go for a leggy look.  In the show Hanna is very rarely seen wearing anthing low cut, but is not afraid to get her legs out in a short skirt.

Chunky Jewelery. Hanna is often seen wearing a statement necklace or big glistening rings.  Hanna tends to wear gold jewelery rather than silver.

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