Music March: Day 28: Nick Gunty – Shovel

This is such an adorable song.  I love the melody and the layering of voices and the way the music builds then fades, it’s beautiful.   Nick Gunty was another Twitter discovery (follow Nick on Twitter).  He is an American singer/songwriter and his music is just my type, folky, acoustic and indie.  Shovel is my favourite song of his, but also check out Veronica on his myspace page.

Here’s what say about Nick:

“Nicholas Gunty is a multi-instrumentalist singer and songwriter of the midwest/newfolk tradition. Springing from a predominantly self-taught background in guitar, drums and percussion, piano, violin, and mandolin, Gunty’s arrangements backbone on rhythmic, nuanced phrasing and crooning vocal melodies. Gunty’s style and voice have been likened to a dynamic array of established artists from Paul Simon to Andrew Bird, and complement contemporary music with a fresh angle on musical composition.”

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