Music March: Day 31: Lifehouse – Storm

As it’s the last day of March I thought I would end with an amazing song, and one of my favourite.  This is another pretty slow one, but the key word is pretty.  This song is utterly gorgeous.  I love the accapella beginning and haunting music mixed with the soft piano.  Lifehouse are probrably my favourite band, I love Jason Wade’s voice (and his face) and its showcased really well on this track.  It’s a great chillout track, and so cutely romantic


2 responses to “Music March: Day 31: Lifehouse – Storm

  1. I absolutely looooooove lifehouse! I wish they were more established in the UK so I could hear them played on the radio. Great song too. x

    • Completely agree! Haven’t ever heard a song by them that I didn’t fall in love with straight away. I agree about them becoming more established, I think they would do really well over here! They’re the only band left, other than Mumford and Sons, on my “want to see them live” list. Plus Jason Wade is FINE!
      EJ xo

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