Celebrity Hair Trends: The Centre Parting

While the side parting was everyones favourite for a long time, the center parting is making a massive come back this year, both on the runway, with celebs and on the streets.  Personally I’ve gone from a side to center parting, and I’m loving the change in look, my hair is cut so I can swap between the two if I choose.  It’s great for down do’s and striking up-styles too.

The look is great with both striking straight and wavy locks, although the key is to get the style right for your face shape, sleek and sharp hair only suits some people, like Gwyneth Paltrow and Gemma Arterton, others like Rachel Bilson, Sophia Bush (and myself) suit a wavy and fuller look.

Here are just a few celebs who have made the transition, and for the better I think!

Gwyneth Paltrow

Rachel Bilson

Kate Bosworth

Lauren Conrad

Sophia Bush

Sarah Jessica Parker

Tips for getting it just right:

When doing straight hair, the parting must be dead on centre and straight, however with waves or curls, the parting can be more messy and a little less uniform, keep it untidy almost.

Aim to get volume in to the roots so that hair doesn’t look like it’s been plastered to the scalp. However don’t go overboard and have too much volume on top!

This look is pulled off best if the fringe is longer, if yours is too short to go behind your ears then do like Lauren Conrad and twist back your bangs and secure with bobby pins.

And finally… here’s little old me trying it out, I’ve only done it recently so there aren’t many pics, but I think it looks much better with my natural wave, rather than straight.

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