This week’s obsession: Zara’s Spring Summer 2011 Collection

I have been badly neglecting my blog these last few weeks, but with all the sunny weather and working so much over the holidays I’ve had next to no time to do any internet shopping.  I have however done some high street shopping and have fallen in love with most of Zara‘s collection at the moment (and have bought a few items)!  In the spring months you can’t beat a loose white tee and jeans, then swap the jeans for a denim skirt or some shorts, the shorter the better!  The best thing… they’re all less than £16.  My favourite items are their printed  white T-shirts, here are a few of my faves below…

1. Little Bit of Sunshine  £15.99   2. Retro Boat T-shirt  £15.99   3. The Sweetest Dream Balloons  £9.99  4. I Miss You Telephone  £15.99   5. Hello Boys  £7.99   6. Nobody can teach you who you are  £7.99   7. Dandelion  £9.99   8. Things to do list  £9.99   9. Side bows balloons  £15.99   10. Summer  £7.99   11. Maybe it’s a lie, but it’s the closest thing I’ve got to happiness  £15.99   12. We’ll never be as young as we are now  £9.99 (I bought this one!! Love it).  All from Zara.

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