The Royal Wedding: The Gorgeous, the Bad and the Fugly

Friday was one of the most beautiful days England has seen in a long time, and whether you’re a Royalist, a cynic or you just love a good wedding, you can’t deny it was a historic and unforgettable day for everyone.  Across the world people turned on their televisions or crowded onto trains to London to be a part of William and Kate’s big day, and none were disappointed.  As much as the whole day was exciting and everyone wanted to see the kiss on the balcony, I think the part that everyone was most anxious to see were the dresses, mostly Kate’s of course, but also what all of the guests would wear.  Here is my quick review of some of the most eye-catching gowns of the day. (Gold stars for those who can guess which gown comes first)!

Kate Middleton arrives at Westminster Abbey

Kate walked down the aisle arm in arm with her father Michael Middleton to Parry’s ‘I Was Glad’.  I shed a little tear when she got out of the car and I saw her Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown for the first time.  It was exactly what I thought she would wear, and she looked even more stunning than anyone could have predicted.  That little tear was followed by another when she reached the altar and William turned to her and said ‘you look beautiful.’  The day was every bit the fairytale wedding, and the dress was perfect for a Princess.

With her hair half up, half down and make-up she had done herself Kate looked every bit the Princess, wearing her ‘something borrowed’ Cartier ‘Halo’ Tiara which had used to belong to the Queen Mother.

The Duchess of Cambridge looked every inch the fairytale princess.

After the ceremony and the formalities, then the reception, Kate changed into another Alexander McQueen number, still gorgeous but a little more understated than the first dress.

Kate changed for the evening reception into another McQueen creation

There are rumours going around that this dress is the same as the first, but with the lace overlay removed and a diamante belt and gorgeous bolero in it’s place.  Kate’s hair had been let out of its style and her brunette curls framed her face beautifully.

Kate wasn’t the only Middleton looking stunning on Friday, with her bridesmaid and younger sister Pippa looking amazing in a McQueen gown for the ceremony and an emerald green Alice Temperley frock for the evening party.  With her perfectly applied tan and loose curls, she looked breathtaking, some are saying even better than Kate on the day, but my thought is that you can’t get better than perfection, and Kate looked absolutely perfect, there is literally nothing that I would change about what she wore or how she was styled.

Pippa Middleton was the perfect bridesmaid

Pippa wore Alice Temperley for the evening party

Carole Middleton also looked breathtaking as Mother of the Bride wearing a powder blue Catherine Walker coat dress and Jimmy Choo heels. The colour was perfect on her and her bag and heels matched flawlessly.  I like that she dressed for her age, but still looked beautiful and sexy.

Carole Middleton was the prettiest mother of the bride that I've seen in a long time wearing Catherine Walker

There were plenty of other gorgeous dresses at the wedding, however I think that the Middleton’s definitely stole the show, outdoing the Royal family in both style and in many occasions class.  A good example of a lack of style was shown by Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, who committed serious crimes against fashion on Friday.

Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice turned heads for all the wrong reasons at the wedding on Friday

Considering the girls are around my age, you would have thought that they would have some awareness of fashion and want to look youthful and maybe even a little bit sexy.  However they chose outfits which made them look older and frumpy, Beatrice was almost more covered up than the Queen, and although a lot of the time ‘less is more’, on this occasion I think she could have taken a little risk with some cleavage or at least some decent shoes!  I don’t even want to talk about what Eugenie was wearing, I was told ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.’

Another royal mistake came in the form of Tara Palmer-Tomkinson.  I will be the first to preach that cobalt blue is the best colour to wear this season, however, she looked like she’d taken a bath in it.

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson was a sea of blue

The Deborah Milner dress itself was quite beautiful, and so were the shoes, (the hat just pointed directly to her new nose, which wasn’t a good choice), but together they didn’t work, it was a cobalt overload.  If she had worn the dress with a different coloured hat and shoes, or  at least not worn the gloves as well.  A splash of any different colour would be preferable to this bombardment of blue.

Regardless of many of the fashion faux-pas nothing deterred from the beauty and significance of the day (except Beatrice’s ridiculous hat intruding on half of the scenes).  Here are a couple of my favourite images from the day.


2 responses to “The Royal Wedding: The Gorgeous, the Bad and the Fugly

  1. Thanks so much for the recap! I didn’t see anything on the wedding. Loved it.

    Come visit my blog some time 🙂

  2. Great post! You’re such a great writer and I agree with all of what you said. Eugenie and Beatrice were shocking, I strongly disliked their choice of clothing for this prestigious, important event. Kate looked amazing, she was breathtakingly beautiful. The lace was to die for!
    Thanks for your IFB message, I’m following you now via bloglovin.

    xx. VLM.

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