Get the summery look with high waisted bottoms and cropped tops

Where as last summer it was all about leggings and long tops, this summer the waist line is moving upwards, with the high street a-wash with high waisted shorts and skirts and crop tops galore.  I love the tie-front crop tops and wear them with high waisted demin shorts.  If you’re not confident about showing a little belly then go for baggier styles, rather than the tight ones, I prefer the looser styles for summer anyway!  The trick is not to show off too much skin, but have the top and bottoms meeting with just a little waist on show.  Here are my favourite crop tops from the highstreet…

1. ’50s tie up shirt  £20.00 – ASOS.   2. Navy knotted stripe crop top  £15.00 – Topshop.   3. White daisy embroidered front crop blouse  £20.00 – Topshop.   4. Love glitter top  £20.00 – Topshop.   5. Stripe crop t-shirt with tie front  £12.99 – River Island.   6. Bathing beauties crop top  £10.00 – ASOS.   7. Wild crop tee  £8.00 – ASOS.   8. Ladder knit cropped t-shirt  £12.99 – New Look.      9. Bonjour sleeveless crop  £20.00 – Topshop.   10. Bright crop top  £18.00 – Oasis.   11. Lover cropped Tee  £25.00 – Topshop.   12. OMG cropped tee  £20.00 – Topshop.   13. Sheer cropped T Shirt  £18.00 – New Look.   14. Cornelli crop T-shirt  £24.90 – Mango (this one’s my favourite :)).  15. Slubby cropped vest  £3.99 – New Look.   16. Polka dot cherry crop  £15.00 – ASOS.


One response to “Get the summery look with high waisted bottoms and cropped tops

  1. i love this look, its so springy!

    ❤ steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

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