Wear your name on your neck

I have recently become a massive fan of the jewelry from Tatty Devine.   All of it is made in London and all of it is stunning and unique.  My personal favourite is their name necklaces, you can personalize your own to your own style and there are a range of choices, in colour, font and size.  All created for you within 2 weeks, and it only takes 7 easy steps, starting from £27.50, they’re a bargain for something made and customised especially for you.  Here’s how I chose mine…

Step 1: Choose what you want your necklace to say, anything up to 9 letters long.

Step 2: Pick the font you’d like your necklace to be from the great range, there’s something for everyone.  I chose Sundae.

Step 3: Choose the colour of the necklace, there is a wide range of colours, along with the option to have glittery lettering.

Step 4: Pick the charm (if any) you would like to add to the necklace.

Step 5: Decide whether or not you would like the lettering to be large or small. Choosing large makes more of a statement, but I prefer the smaller option.  Also, going large adds an extra £10 onto the price.

Step 6: Choose your chain.  The options are silver, gold or black.  What other choices could you need?

Step 7:  You are given the option to add matching charm earrings to your order for £12.50, which is £2.50 cheaper than if you order them on their own.

And Finally… You are shown the options you have chosen along the way and a preview of your finished necklace.  All the way through the process there is the option to go back and alter any choices made.  See my perfect name necklace below…

The whole process is really easy and quick, with simple instructions guiding you through every stage.  The only difficult part is deciding which colours and charms to pick!

If the name necklace isn’t doing it for you, then take a look at some of  my favourite necklaces from the pre-made collection Tatty Devine below.  Click on the links below the images to take you directly to the purchase button!

Fox Necklace – £24.00.  Fallen Leaves Triple Pendant – £30.00.  Pegasus Large Necklace – £45.00.  Cameo Pendant – £33.00.  Crown Mini Necklace – £15.00.  Quill Necklace – £30.00.

I love the little fox, and the leaves, perfect autumnal neck wear!


–I own none of these images, they are all taken from the Tatty Devine website–

One response to “Wear your name on your neck

  1. I still love the classic silver or gold name necklaces!

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