Hitting the nail on the head with these seasonal trends.

With hundreds of different nail varnishes available on the market at the moment it’s hard to know what’s on trend and what’s tacky.  Especially with many of the trends this season suggesting glitter, bright colours and mismatched mattes and shines.  Here are my 3 favourite nail trends for this season, which celebs are sporting them and how best for you to pull them off. 

My favourite of the most popular trends this season are having a different colour on every nail, the ring finger manicure and glitter french manicures.  And all of them without falsies or acrylics!

I first saw the 5 colour manicure look on Caggie from E4’s Made In Chelsea and loved it. Other celebs, such as those seen below, have also been seen sporting different colours on every finger.  I like to keep to 5 colours, rather than go over board.

Jameela Jamil :: Pixie Lott :: Fearne Cotton :: Caggie Dunlop

For this look, the nail paints by Barry M are perfect, they last for days and days and there is such a wide range for only £2.99 each.  Here are a few colour combinations I like.

Go for pastels, brights or paintbox colours, as long as the colours are of a similar shade then they will look good together.  Generally speaking with this trend, stay away from reds and colours which are too dark, as they don’t work as well, it’s all about unusual choices and being playful with colour.

The other hot look at the moment is the ring finger manicure, that is, having your ring finger on each hand painted a different colour to the others.  Most noticed it on Kelly Rowland’s fingers on the X Factor this season, but celebs like Vanessa Hudgens and Beyonce (below) have also been sporting the look for a while.  My favourite way to wear the look is with all nails painted similar colours, as seen with the aqua looks below. Paint all your nails one colour, then add glitter or metallic of the same colour to the ring finger for a more subtle look.  Or opt for a bolder look like Beyonce and go for a contrasting colour.

For this look I love Andrea Fullerton’s Nail trios.  They are available from most Superdrug stores and come in so many different shades, so there’s something for everyone!  They are:

“A colour layering system that’s an innovative new way to create your own unique nail colours! This compact, double ended nail varnish bottle contains 2 different varnish colours that can be worn alone in either shade or layer them over each other to create a 3rd colour or an edgy effect.” – Superdrug website

This technique means you can paint all your nails one colour, then add the other over the top of the varnish on your ring finger to create a new and exciting effect. For just £7.99, you get three nail varnishes in 1.  Here are just a few from the amazing range available now…

1. Princess. 2. Flower Power. 3. Art Attack. 4. Gold Finger. 5. Disco Diva. 6. Rain Fall. 7. Garden of Eden. 8. Smile in a Storm.

One look, which could have been perceived as tacky before is glitter nail varnish, perfect for the holiday season and when done properly it can look really classy.  You can either go for a clear nail varnish with graduated french manicure style tips, or go for all over glitter with matte tips.

For all over glitter I like the darker colours, with black tips, but for the clear nails with glittery ends, i prefer the lighter more silvery colours.  Below are some of the lovely colours around in the shops at the moment.  I love the Andrea Fullerton varnishes, and the glitter puff dusts and overcoat kit (#6 below) is perfect for adding glitter to the tips or moons of your nails.  The overcoat seals the glitter and the puff dust allows the user to choose specifically where the glitter will fall easier than with a brush. (Mum, if you’re reading this, I’d love Santa to pop the glitter puff dusts into my stocking!!)

If you don’t fancy doing glitter tips then all over glitter is just as trendy for wintery nails or something a little different this Christmas.  For the all over look go for a smaller glitter, rather than larger crystals, as these quickly look tacky.  But if you’re doing the ring finger manicure then you can go big without that worry.

1, GOSH – Gasoline – £4.99.  2, Andrea Fullerton – Cat – £4.99.  3, Barry M – Red Glitter – £2.99.  4, Accessorize – Rock Star Pin-Up – £4.oo.  5, Andrea Fullerton – Mischa – £4.99.  6, Andrea Fullerton Glitter Puff dusts & Overcoat – £6.99.  7, Nails Inc Glitter Polish – Sloane Square – £11.00.  8, No7 Midnight Enchantment – Glitter Bomb – £7.00.  9, Models Own – Glitter Juicy Jules – £5.00.

Whichever look you go for this season, the look is for shorter, natural looking nails, no talons please – regardless of what Lady Gaga is doing with her pointy claws!  Keep them short and square for an on trend look.

Happy painting! Love,

— Please note, I do not own any of these images, they were either found using google or taken from the product websites —

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