Celebrity hair trends: plaits and braids

The latest hair trend seen on the red carpets recently are plaits galore.  Whether it’s a traditional down-the-back plait, a to-the-side plait, a fishtail or a french plait around-the-head style, they’re a perfect way to bring a summery feel to autumn.  They never go out of fashion, it’s just knowing the right way to wear them for the season.

Plaits work for the day and the night time, they are a great alternative to a simple ponytail and look sexy falling over your shoulder or snaking down your back.  The beauty is that there is a style for everyone, whether your hair is long or short.

The key for this style is to always wear with waves, for a beachy, undone look. This works for long and short hair, with tendrils coming down around the face, it looks beautiful for daytime and evening wear.  If you’re going for this over-the-shoulder look then hair looks better in a side parting, usually on the opposite side to which the plait is falling.

Blake Lively - Diane Kruger - Tamsin Egerton

For a more clean cut, severe look, opt for a tight high ponytail with plaited hair, this will give a sexy tomb raider feel.  This look is great with long hair, meaning there is a long plait, if your hair is short then the plait will stick out and look silly.

Nicole Scherzinger - Blake Lively - Fergie

If you have shorter hair, then go for an around-the-head style plait, either across the forehead to hold your fringe back, or like Whitney Port below, french plait your hair back into a ponytail or bun.  This keep hair out of your eyes and creates an on-trend alternative to a normal ponytail.  If you don’t like having your hair all scraped back or tight to your head, then wear a looser plait like Karen Gillan below, which adds volume and texture to the hair.

Pixie Lott - Whitney Port - Karen Gillan

For fishtail braids, take a look at this tutorial below, from Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari.  I don’t personally like the look of the final outcome, it’s too low down and her hair is too straight, but the main method is easy to understand.

When I want to wear my hair down, but stay on trend, I love to french plait my fringe back, it’s perfect for a night out, it keeps your fringe off your face for when you’re dancing away and getting hot in a club, but also looks pretty and adds a little something extra.

Hope that gives you some insight into how to achieve the plaited look for yourself!  Try it out and let me know how you get on.


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