The latest and one of my favourite trends around at the moment is moustaches.  They can be seen all over the place, both on men’s faces – due to Movember –  and on clothes and accessories.  They can literally be seen everywhere-

Cutepolish moustache mini

These nails were created by cutepolish, see the ‘how to’ video here.

If you’re not a huge fan of nail art or you want something more bold and striking then here are a few bits and bobs that I have gathered which I love and will get you instantly on trend…

1, Moustache Rabbit Top – £20.00 – River Island for  2, Moustache necklace – £24.00 – Tatty Devine.  3, Moustache ring – £9.00 – Tatty Devine.  4, Mini moustache necklace – £12.00 – Urban Outfitters.  5, Moustache Mug  – £15.00 – by Our Workshop for Not on the High  6, The Moustache Tank * – £16.50 –  7, ASOS Sequin Moustache Top – £12.99 –  8, Moustache Earrings – £30.00 – Tatty Devine.  9, Moustache cookie cutters – £11.95 – by FollyHome for Not on the High  10, Gentleman’s moustache print – £20.00 – by Oh, Dear Molly for Not on the High  11, Moustache post earrings – £8.00 – Urban Outfitters.  12, Moustache Glasses 80’s women’s tank top – £16.50 –  13, ‘I Like Your Tache’ Print – £30.00 – by Paper Heart for Not on the High  14, Pair of mini moustache hand carved rubber stamps * – £5.50 – by Skull and Cross Buns for Not on the High

*These prints tops also come in hoodie, t-shirt, canvas bag and sweater form, so they can be worn by all shapes and sizes, and by men and women.

**You can add an ink pad in the colour of your choice to the order for £2 for a small or £5 for a large. – See colours below.

I hope you like these fan-tache-tic purchases and gain some inspiration for Christmas presents or similar!


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