My New Obsession – Not on the High

not on the high one basket, hundreds of unique shopsI am in love with this website, it has hundreds of unique and quirky shops all in one place.  Purchases can be personalised for individuals, so this is the perfect destination if you’re stuck for christmas presents.

There are so many different items on not on the high , but some of my favourites have to be the prints and canvases.  I went through and found some of the ones I loved most.  They’re perfect to brighten up any room in the house and some can be personalised just for you.  Click on the links below to take you directly to the purchase button, or to the designers page…

1, Drink Champagne on the Table – £6.95 – Home & Glory.  2, Audrey Hepburn Framed Prints  – £6.99 each – Cavania.  3, We can have it all… ,  4, Today is my day,  5, Today I will be Happy – all £9.00 each – Candidate.  6, Leftovers Print/Poster – £9.75 – The Joy of Ex Foundation.  7, ‘Love’ Letterpress Print – £9.50 – Durnall Designs.  8, Made in your Town-City-County Print*- £9.50 – So True Posters.  9, Love Union Jack Heart print,  10, Love Union Jack Flower Heart Print,  11, Love Paris Heart Print,  12, Love New York Heart Print – all £10.00 each – Clareisaacs Design.  13, Wall Stickers: Chandelier (also available in black & pink) – £28.95 – Supernice.  14, Word Art Print: Camper Lovers – £15.00 – Pearl & Earl.

*These posters can be personalised to say which ever town/city/county you would like, they come in several sizes, with prices ranging from £9.50 for a small to £34.90 for a large.  You can also add a frame for an additional cost.  They come in a range of colours.

I hope these bright, colourful and inspirational prints brighten up your homes!


One response to “My New Obsession – Not on the High

  1. wow what a lovely surprise 🙂 x

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