Celebrity Hair Trends 2011: All the colours of the [pastel] rainbow

This season the on-trend hair colour has gone from being Rhianna-Red to pastel pinks, blues, purples and silver.

Let me be the first to say that it’s gross, I personally don’t like it.  But you can’t deny that it is everywhere.  I do think that it really suits some people, for example Ellie Goulding, and if I was brave enough I would try it out for a while too.  But on some it just looks silly (cough cough Katy Perry – at first it was exciting and new, but now her roots look unkempt and ugly).  I think we all know where this started…

I don’t think anyone told these people though that this was a mistake, even Frenchie herself admitted it.  I mean, she dropped out of beauty school because of this hair colour!! Ok, the modern take on it is a little more washed out and almost a blonde-pink, but ultimately, it’s still pink.  I like the look on Fearne Cotton and Ellie Goulding (below) because they have the edge with their style and fashion to pull it off, but I really don’t think it looks right on celebs like Dianna Agron and Rachel McAdams, their clean cut image just doesn’t match pink hair.

Ellie Goulding - Fearne Cotton - Dianna Agron - Rachel McAdams

The look has also been sported by several reality show stars recently (see below), I think that Amelia Lily (The X-Factor) can work the look.  However Emily Scott (I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here) looks silly, and looked much better with long, caramel blonde hair like she had before.  Anastasia (Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model) looked stupid at first, but as the colour faded more, the more it grew on me, she had such a beautiful face that I didn’t mind so much.

Amelia Lily - Emily Scott - Anastasia Bogatirjova

Probably the person most famous for having pink hair in La-La land (other than Pink herself) is Katy Perry.  What started out as a startling change, but actually looked quite nice on her – with such a stunning face she can pull off anything – went to being bad, and its all down to roots.  Had the colour been maintained it would have continued to impress, however it didn’t.  Right now I’m thinking that someone needs to get Katy a ginger ale, because her pink hair is currently an epic fail.

Katy Perry's pink hair - the good, the bad and the ugly

Ellie Goulding and others have also opted for other pastely colours other than pink.  The favourites are blue, purple and silvery white.  Going grey before your time is apparently in, according to the likes of Pink (below), Pixie Geldof, Kelly Osbourne and Kate Moss (apparently hers was meant to go blue but the colour didn’t set so turned out silvery white).  I personally think that grey hair should be saved for the pensioners, but I do like the look on Ellie – she can basically do no wrong in my eyes – because I feel that it just looks more believable on her.  Like she chose it rather than decided to do it for attention or a movie role – which is what I’m hoping was the reasoning behind Kate Bosworth’s blue dip-dye monstrosity below.

Kate Bosworth - Ellie Goulding - Pink - Kate Moss

I think that this look can be adopted while still keeping your hair looking healthy and beautiful, also in a more temporary fashion.  Obviously it works best with blonde hair, but I love the tipped look – like this image (supposedly) of Lauren Conrad below, her hair still looks healthy and lucious, while also incorporating a rainbow of colours.  It also incorporates the dip-dye look with a new twist.

So, I won’t be going pink anytime soon, but if you’re planning to then just make sure it is a good match for your complexion and that you’re prepared for the up-keep it entails, at least if you go for the dip-dye option, you can trim the ends off  with little effort after a month if you change your mind!



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