The best kind of wedgie

I know I just did a post about wedges, but it has come to my attention that the majority of them are all rather expensive.  Plus I had completely neglected to look at Missguided – foolish I now know – but maybe it’s a good thing as there are so many amazing wedges on there that I needed a whole post to display them.  The colours are gorgeous, if you’re not sure about the colours below, all of them come with other options, so have a browse!

1. Tarmela Cut Out Suede Platform Wedges – £33.99.  2.  Izani Suede T Bar Wedges – £29.99.  3. Russill Strappy Suede Platform Wedges – £36.99.  4. Hailey Strappy Super High Wedge – £34.99.  5. Cindy T Bar Super High Wedges – £35.99.  6. Gilis Suede Twisted Bow Wedges – £29.99.  7. Florida High Strappy Suede Look Wedges – £34.99.  8. Barishka Contrast Suede Platform Wedges – £33.99.  (All from Missguided).

Hopefully these give you some more options for the spring and summer seasons, wear with maxi dresses, mini dresses, palazo pants, high waisted shorts, anthing. They are perfect for daytime and evening.


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