Best Buy: Cami little closer baby

I have been in love with this top ever since I laid eyes on it.  I know it won’t suit my figure and my boobs will push it out to make me look 9 months pregnant but I still lust after it more than is humanly necessary.  Topshop really are top of the shops for cute little camisoles this season and this one has a gorgeous bold pattern to make it stand out from the crowd while maintaining that sexy, slinkiness a cami should have.  The print is much richer and more amazing in person, it has a kind of movement to it that the internet can’t provide.

topshop geo cami

Some might think that £26.00 for a little top is too much, but this is versatile, you can wear it in the day with a cute jacket, night time with some skinnies and killer heels or even in the summer over a bikini top with shorts and sandals.  Essentially, it is worth the spend. Buy it here.

If you buy this I will be eternally jealous of you, your ownership of the top and then the fact that it fits you, but also proud!


love EJ xo

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