Oasis does Monochrome Palms Perfectly


I’ve been holiday window shopping and I am obsessed with Oasis‘ monochromatic palm print tops (they have many skirts too, but what can I say? I’m a shorts gal), they are all perfect for the build up to summer and will go with smart black jeans for a day in the office, or denim short shorts for an afternoon in the park.

Allow me to share this perfection with you – gaze upon them at your leisure!

oasis monochrome palms

1. Placement Palm T-Shirt – £35.00 / 2. Placement Palm T-Shirt – £28.00 / 3. Mono Palm Print Top – £35.00

AND THEN, as if those weren’t lovely enough, they go and throw in this beauty. I am in love, there are no two ways about it! Now does it come in tall…?

green palms

Palm Print Playsuit – £50.00

Hats off to you Oasis, you wonderful summer dwelling fashionistas have outdone yourselves. If I had a palm to hand I would gladly fan you with it while feeding you grapes (and wearing that playsuit)!


love EJ xo


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