Ear cuffs and stacked earrings aren’t any thing new. We’ve seen them for years! But as a gal with only three piercings (only the ears people! One in each lobe and my left helix) it’s hard to achieve this trend with all the cheap and flimsy clip on earrings.

HOWEVER! Rejoice! Hallelujah and all other exclaimations of joy! Because there is now a totally achievable way to be a temporary bad-ass without needles!

TADA & TOY are not only incredible jewelry designers, but they’re also kings of the cuff. Featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Grazia and Elle, all their jewelry is simple, classic and beautiful. And while its top quality, it’s not going to break the bank. It’s just great, solid silver and gold at prices that won’t give you cold sweats.

I am a MASSIVE fan of the Star cuff:
Silver – £35  |  Gold – £38  |  Rose Gold – £38

Stars aren’t your thing? Try the Hexagon Cuff:
hexagon cuff.png
Silver – £40  |  Gold – £45  |  Rose Gold – £45

It’s not all cuffs! There’s the Basic Slider:
slider.pngSilver – £45  |  Gold Plated – £50  |  Rose Gold Plated – £50

Take a look at just a few of my favourites from their extensive range of jewels below, and many more on their website.


  1. Basic Hoops – From £38
  2. Hexagon Tree Ring – From £34
  3. Falling Star Pendant – From £95
  4. Needle and Thread Hoops – From £42
  5. Shark Fin Ring – From £56
  6. Simple Studs – From £30
  7. Star Hoops – From £42
  8. Layered Double Bar Necklace – From £85
  9. Friendship Bracelet – From £30

love EJ xo



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