Helen Wells is a super talented artist who lives in Hastings. Her love for creating colourful, detailed and patterned pieces of art shines through in her beautiful pieces that celebrate the positive side of life. Whenever I’m feeling glum or having a bad day, I pop over to her website which I have bookmarked and get lost in all of the colours and stunning intricacies of her watercolour work.

While I love her watercolour work and think those pieces are the real stand outs in her collection, her work with inks and line drawings are also exquisite. See some of my favourites below (all images courtesy of helenwellsartist.co.uk):



While some pieces are darker and moodier, many are bright and lift your spirits instantly. Wells doesn’t use just long and languid strokes of colour but contrasts blocks of colour with such intricate detail that you wouldn’t usually expect to see in abstract watercolour. Her use of space is also enchanting – I absolutely love a bit of blank space in a painting and Wells provides this so thoughtfully.

Helen Wells at home her home in Nelson Road Hastings.Picture by Jim Holden

Helen Wells at home her home in Nelson Road Hastings. Picture by Jim Holden

Helen isn’t just an at home hobby artist, she won Winsor and Newton’s Watercolour Revolution competition and had her work showcased at The Saatchi Gallery in London. You might also have spotted some of her pieces in Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant, The Narrow, in London.

If you’re looking for something extra special for a Christmas gift or you’re just looking for a piece to brighten up your walls, Helen has something for everyone. You can peruse her whole collection on her website here.

The A-Level art student in me is crying out to be set free after all these years, so I’m off to go and pick up a paintbrush again!

love EJ xo

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