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Embroidery is EVERYWHERE this season – as already discussed in my previous post :). A great way to mix it into your wardrobe in a versatile fashion is in bags. Plus who doesn’t love an excuse for a new handbag?! Stick with a black background with bright and colourful embroidery to keep it chic and easy to wear with anything!

From intricate floral patterns to cheeky lipstick and emoji motifs, embroidery is the fun way to add interest to your look this autumn, so all aboard the embroidery train! While you’re waiting at the platform, have a browse some of my high street favourites…


  1. Embroidered Clutch – £29.99 – Zara
  2. Reclaimed Vintage Embroidered Envelope Clutch Bag – £16 – ASOS
  3. Mix & Match Mini Crossbody Bag – £35.99 – Zara
  4. Black embroidered velvet clutch – £30 – River Island
  5. Quilted Patches Crossbody Bag – £45.99 – Zara
  6. Black Embroidered Floral Print Chain Shoulder Bag – £19.99 – New Look
  7. Embroidered Detail Crossbody Bag – £45.99 – Zara
  8. Reclaimed Vintage Embroidered Rose Cross Body Bag – £20 – ASOS

Alternatively, if you’ve got a favourite black bag you want to instantly make on trend, or you’re on a budget… Why not buy some embroidered patches to stitch on? Take a look at just a few available online, or pop into your local haberdashery where they will have countless others to choose from! Or take a look on Etsy for dozens of super cute, unique patches here.


  1. Skinnydip x Coca Cola Patches – £12 – ASOS
  2. Evil Eye Iron on Patch – £1.89 – Etsy
  3. Ohh Deer Get Lost Patch – £4.95 – ASOS
  4. Embroidered sew on applique patch – £3.69 – Etsy
  5. Thunderbolt Iron-On Patch – £2.30 – Etsy
  6. Orelia Star Patch – £5
  7. Embroidered ‘FRIES BEFORE GUYS’ junk food patch – £4.99 – Etsy
  8. Skinnydip Wild Child Iron On Patches£10  £6 – ASOS

Happy patching pals!
love EJ xo




There are so many ways to wear one of this summer’s hottest trends – embroidery. It’s colourful, folky and therefore perfect for the summer months! One way to make sure you’re always on trend with the look? Keep the base colour basic. I love embroidery on black and white. There are loads of other colours out there, reds and blues and baby pinks, but I think the timeless looks (and easiest to style) are those that sit on black and white backgrounds.

So which side do you belong to? The dark side – with bright pinks, teals and contrasting white embroidery? Or the light side – whites and creams with bold blues, reds and black embroidery? Maybe some of my favourite options below will help you make up your mind – or show you that you like a little bit of both!

embroidered darkCelebs on the dark side (L-R): Anna Kendrick, Beyoncé, Gigi Hadid, Olivia Palermo

  1. Short skirt – £19.99 – H&M
  2. Reclaimed Vintage Embroidered Envelope Clutch Bag – £16 – ASOS
  3. Embroidered Shirred Dress by Nobody’s Child – £30 – Topshop
  4. Embroidered skirt – £24.99 – H&M
  5. Embroidered Mini Skirt – 29.99 – Zara
  6. Embroidered Dress – £49.99 – Zara
  7. Embroidered Bralet by Glamorous – £39 – Topshop
  8. Embroidered bucket bag – £29.99 – H&M
  9. Floral Embroidered Bomber Jacket by Glamorous – £68 – Topshop
  10. Embroidered Lace Pencil Skirt – £70 – Oasis

light celeb embCelebs on the light side (L-R): Kate Middleton, Lily Collins, Katie Holmes, Blake Lively
embroidered white

  1. Embroidered Jacket – £89.99 – Zara
  2. Glamorous Petite Embroidered Sleeveless Top With Tassel Detail – £41 – ASOS
  3. Orange Tassel Embroidered Tote Bag£24.99  £11 – New Look
  4. Cream Embroidered Trim Fray Hem Cami – £19.99  £11 – New Look
  5. TALL Embroidered Bib Playsuit – £26 – Topshop
  6. White Embroidered Trim Strappy Dress – £29.99 – New Look
  7. Star Mela Placement Floral Embroidered Clutch with Tassel – £49 £22 – ASOS
  8. Embroidered Poplin Shirt – £29.99 – Zara
  9. Embroidered cotton blouse – £35.99 – Mango
  10. Embroidered Contrast Bomber Jacket by Glamorous – £45 – Topshop

And some final top tips? Go for floral and bold and bright for an all over pattern, but tribal, basic and subtle for an embroidered trim. Also try not to over-do your outfit by wearing a heavily embroidered piece with other bold patterns and bright colours – let your embroidered item stand out and do the talking to keep things super chic!

I hope you like the lovely items I’ve pulled together – let me know if you’ve got any great embroidered items this summer and where they’re from!

love EJ xo


So, the bralet trend isn’t a new one, but it’s certainly one that I’m on board with!

As a larger busted lady, I can’t partake in this day-to-day, I need the support! However there’s nothing I love more than getting home after a long day at work and ditching the bra. For those of you blessed with the ability to go bra-less or to live without wires, the hottest trend by far at the moment is the lace bralet. Team your delicate and feminine bralet with the masculine staple of an over-sized shirt for an immediately chic look. Add in some faded, distressed denim for the ultimate cool.

When it comes to colours, the darker the better for the bralet – think black, navy and deep wine colours. And for the shirt, lighter is fresher, you can’t beat a crisp white shirt or a lovely light blue.


So whether you’re looking for a casual but sexy evening look, or if you’re just on the look out for something a little more sexy and comfortable to slip into in the comfort of your own home, I’ve scoured the high street for the best out there…

shirts and bralets

  1. Daisy Lace Non Wire Soft Bralet – £12 – Next
  2. Warehouse Relaxed Curved Hem Shirt – £29 – Warehouse
  3. Gilly Hicks Removable-Pads Lace Triangle Bralette – £14 – Hollister
  4. ASOS Soft Twill Oversized Shirt – £36.00 – ASOS
  5. Lace triangle bra – £19.99 – Mango
  6. Monki Oversized Shirt – £25.00 – ASOS
  7. Triangle lace bra – £19.99 – Mango
  8. Warehouse Oversized Shirt – £32 – Warehouse
  9. Aerie Lace Cross-Back Bralette – £18.00 – American Eagle
  10. Oversized cotton shirt – £29.99 – H&M
  11. Wavy Hem Scalloped Bralette – £7.69 – Etsy
  12. Long Sleeve Frill Back Shirt – £36.00 – Topshop
  13. Lace Detailed Bralet – £22.00 – Topshop
  14. Slim Boyfriend White Shirt with Pleat Detail Back – £25.00 – ASOS

love EJ xo


Pom Poms are EVERYWHERE this season! A little pom pom trim is a surefire way to bring a wardrobe basic on-trend and add a little whimsy. They’re all over the catwalks and designers are loving them, but I’ve scoured the high street to find some affordable alternatives. Whether its a pom trim, multicoloured excitement or randomly placed poms – there’s something for every style!

Pom Poms.png


  1. Kiss The Sky Festival Crop Top With Pom Pom Hem – £17 – ASOS (LOVE this one)
  2. Navy Daisy Crop Top by WYLDR – £34 – Topshop
  3. White Tassell Pom Pom Top by Dolly Rocka – £28  £18 – SilkFred
  4. Pom Pom Ghillie Sandals£19.99  £9 – New Look
  5. Drop Armhole Jersey Playsuit with Pom Pom Trim – £18 – ASOS
  6. Printed Pom Pom Bandeau – £15 – Missguided
  7. Shorts with a pompom trim – £12.99 – H&M
  8. Embroidered Top With Pom Poms by Glamorous – £25.00 – SilkFred
  9. Liquor & Poker Pom Pom Playsuit With Wrap Detail – £28.00 – ASOS
  10. Bandeau dress – £14.99 – H&M
  11. Lace Up Pom Pom Sandals Camel by AJ | VOYAGE – £28.00 – SilkFred
  12. Tall Bardot Pom Pom Playsuit – £35.00 – Missguided

I hope this has inspired you and given you some pom pom options for the summer!

love EJ xo

Celebrity Hair Trends 2011: All the colours of the [pastel] rainbow

This season the on-trend hair colour has gone from being Rhianna-Red to pastel pinks, blues, purples and silver.

Let me be the first to say that it’s gross, I personally don’t like it.  But you can’t deny that it is everywhere.  I do think that it really suits some people, for example Ellie Goulding, and if I was brave enough I would try it out for a while too.  But on some it just looks silly (cough cough Katy Perry – at first it was exciting and new, but now her roots look unkempt and ugly).  I think we all know where this started…

I don’t think anyone told these people though that this was a mistake, even Frenchie herself admitted it.  I mean, she dropped out of beauty school because of this hair colour!! Ok, the modern take on it is a little more washed out and almost a blonde-pink, but ultimately, it’s still pink.  I like the look on Fearne Cotton and Ellie Goulding (below) because they have the edge with their style and fashion to pull it off, but I really don’t think it looks right on celebs like Dianna Agron and Rachel McAdams, their clean cut image just doesn’t match pink hair.

Ellie Goulding - Fearne Cotton - Dianna Agron - Rachel McAdams

The look has also been sported by several reality show stars recently (see below), I think that Amelia Lily (The X-Factor) can work the look.  However Emily Scott (I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here) looks silly, and looked much better with long, caramel blonde hair like she had before.  Anastasia (Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model) looked stupid at first, but as the colour faded more, the more it grew on me, she had such a beautiful face that I didn’t mind so much.

Amelia Lily - Emily Scott - Anastasia Bogatirjova

Probably the person most famous for having pink hair in La-La land (other than Pink herself) is Katy Perry.  What started out as a startling change, but actually looked quite nice on her – with such a stunning face she can pull off anything – went to being bad, and its all down to roots.  Had the colour been maintained it would have continued to impress, however it didn’t.  Right now I’m thinking that someone needs to get Katy a ginger ale, because her pink hair is currently an epic fail.

Katy Perry's pink hair - the good, the bad and the ugly

Ellie Goulding and others have also opted for other pastely colours other than pink.  The favourites are blue, purple and silvery white.  Going grey before your time is apparently in, according to the likes of Pink (below), Pixie Geldof, Kelly Osbourne and Kate Moss (apparently hers was meant to go blue but the colour didn’t set so turned out silvery white).  I personally think that grey hair should be saved for the pensioners, but I do like the look on Ellie – she can basically do no wrong in my eyes – because I feel that it just looks more believable on her.  Like she chose it rather than decided to do it for attention or a movie role – which is what I’m hoping was the reasoning behind Kate Bosworth’s blue dip-dye monstrosity below.

Kate Bosworth - Ellie Goulding - Pink - Kate Moss

I think that this look can be adopted while still keeping your hair looking healthy and beautiful, also in a more temporary fashion.  Obviously it works best with blonde hair, but I love the tipped look – like this image (supposedly) of Lauren Conrad below, her hair still looks healthy and lucious, while also incorporating a rainbow of colours.  It also incorporates the dip-dye look with a new twist.

So, I won’t be going pink anytime soon, but if you’re planning to then just make sure it is a good match for your complexion and that you’re prepared for the up-keep it entails, at least if you go for the dip-dye option, you can trim the ends off  with little effort after a month if you change your mind!


Get instantly on trend with the latest and greatest nail colours

In a world where fashion is ever changing, there seems to be a new trend emerging every month.   As students it is impossible to stay on top of fashion when there are more important things in life to spend money on, like eating, paying bills or going out!  However, I know how important it is, for girls especially, to stay on trend and up to date with the fashions.

The quickest, easiest and most importantly cheapest way to do this is with your nails.  Nail polish has become a huge money maker in the cosmetics industry, with sales growing from £96million in 2008 to £132million in 2010, it is now by far the biggest selling colour cosmetic on the market.

No longer are nails something to be done quickly at the last minute, women everywhere are taking more time on their talons, paying closer attention to what’s being seen on the runway.  Whether it’s a block colour, a different colour for every nail, or patterns and pictures, nails are becoming one of the fastest ways for women everywhere to express their own sense of style.

Here is my low down on the best colours to go for this season and the cheapest options! All of the polishes below can be bought from any good Boots and/or Superdrug stores, but for a quick purchase, click on the links below.

Ice blue has been big on the Chanel catwalk this season and celebs everywhere have been seen wearing it, for an instantly trendy look, go for a pale blue or turquoise;

Icy Blues: 1. Sky High – Rimmel 60 seconds – £3.69.   2. 736 – L’Oréal Paris resist & shine – £6.19.   3.Portobello Road – Nails Inc. – £11.00.   4. Dazzling Blue – Max Factor – £3.99.   5. Blue Moon – Barry M – £2.99.  6. Minty Fresh – No7 Stay perfect – £7.00.   7. Feeling Blue – Models Own – £5.00.   8. Baby Blue – Accessorize – £2.00.   9. Blueberry Ice-cream – Barry M – £2.99.   10. Riva – Chanel – £23.99.

Other popular colours this summer are minted greens, vibrant oranges, pinky corals and bright citrus yellows.

Minted Greens: 1. Haymarket – Nails Inc. – £11.00.   2. Button Moon – Collection 2000 – £1.79.   3. Hot shot – Rimmel lasting finish – £2.99.   4. Mint Mojo – Collection 2000 – £1.79.

Corals & Oranges: 1. Tangy – No7 stay perfect – £7.o0.   2. Hip Hop – Collection 2000 – £2.79.   3. So Bright –  No7 stay perfect – £7.00.   4. Cherry Tang – No7 speed dry -£7.00.   5. One Perfect Coral – Revlon – £6.29.  6. Tangerine Fatal – Bourjois Paris So Laque! – £5.99.   7. Coralicious – Rimmel 60 seconds – £3.69.  8. Sensual Coral – L’Oréal Paris resist & shine – £6.19.   9. Tropical Island – 17 Lasting fix – £2.99.

Lemons & Limes: 1. Sherbert Lemons – Collection 2000 – £1.79 .   2. Green Grass – Rimmel lasting finish – £2.99.   3. Cheeky Chops – Butter London – £10.00.   4. Spangles – Collection 2000 – £1.79.   5. 134 Yellow – Barry M – £2.99.

Traditional berry reds, pinks and darker colours are out this season, it’s all about the brights and pastels.  My personal favourites are the Rimmel and Nails Inc varnishes, they have great coverage and last for days, the Rimmel especially is great value for money, I’ve just kept reapplying mine every Saturday and it lasts the whole week.

Happy shopping!!


Celebrity Hair Trends: The Centre Parting

While the side parting was everyones favourite for a long time, the center parting is making a massive come back this year, both on the runway, with celebs and on the streets.  Personally I’ve gone from a side to center parting, and I’m loving the change in look, my hair is cut so I can swap between the two if I choose.  It’s great for down do’s and striking up-styles too.

The look is great with both striking straight and wavy locks, although the key is to get the style right for your face shape, sleek and sharp hair only suits some people, like Gwyneth Paltrow and Gemma Arterton, others like Rachel Bilson, Sophia Bush (and myself) suit a wavy and fuller look.

Here are just a few celebs who have made the transition, and for the better I think!

Gwyneth Paltrow

Rachel Bilson

Kate Bosworth

Lauren Conrad

Sophia Bush

Sarah Jessica Parker

Tips for getting it just right:

When doing straight hair, the parting must be dead on centre and straight, however with waves or curls, the parting can be more messy and a little less uniform, keep it untidy almost.

Aim to get volume in to the roots so that hair doesn’t look like it’s been plastered to the scalp. However don’t go overboard and have too much volume on top!

This look is pulled off best if the fringe is longer, if yours is too short to go behind your ears then do like Lauren Conrad and twist back your bangs and secure with bobby pins.

And finally… here’s little old me trying it out, I’ve only done it recently so there aren’t many pics, but I think it looks much better with my natural wave, rather than straight.