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Christmas is exactly ONE MONTH away!! YAY! WOOP! and other excited noises!

I’m pretty much done with the Xmas shopping – when you’re a shopping addict like me, you start early!! But if you’re still looking for something to grab for a special someone, or a secret santa or that one friend who you NEVER know what to buy for, then here are a few lovely gifts on the high street and online, perfect for a lovely lady and all for less than £15! Strapped for cash? Take a look at my list of gifts for her for under £10 here :).

Xmas under £15.png

  1. Shopper – £14.99 – H&M
  2. House of Disaster Bunny Storage Pot – £14 – ASOS
  3. Faux Fur Pom Beanie – £12 – Oasis
  4. Nightshirt – £14.99 – H&M
  5. Grey Geo Print Pom Pom Slipper Boots – £12.99 – New Look
  6. Salt & Pepper Wash Bag & Pamper Set – £14.99 – ASOS
  7. House of Disaster Cat Polka Dot Cup and Saucer – £15 – ASOS
  8.  Real Leather Belt – £12.99 – New Look
  9. Sterling Silver Open Heart Necklace – £15 – ASOS
  10. Cream Unicorn Microwaveable Bean Bag – £10.99 – New Look
  11. Glitter Star iPhone 6/6S Case – £14 – Skinnydip
  12. Doiy Rainbow Polaframes – £12 – ASOS
  13. Watch – £14.99 – H&M
  14. Satin kimono – £14.99 – H&M
  15. Ohh Deer Unicorn Case – £12 – ASOS
  16. White Fluffy Dog Slippers – £14.99 – New Look

Happy Christmas Shopping!
love EJ xo




Sorry to all you scrouges out there who think it’s too soon, but for me, as soon as October hits my Christmas thinking cap goes on and I become an elf. I know that all the adverts say that the best part of Christmas is giving gifts rather than receiving, but I really do agree! I love shopping for the perfect gift, getting people something they wouldn’t expect and generally raising a smile 🙂

That being said, who doesn’t LOVE receiving gifts too? And there are so many gems out there! I’ve been cultivating my extensive Christmas list for some months now. Firstly because I’m broke and can’t afford nice things and also because I’ve found so many lovely treats while I’ve been hunting for gifts for others.

While you may not care to know what’s on my Christmas list as you’re not shopping for me this year (rude), I thought I would post all my wishes on here. One, for my family to draw inspo, and two, to inspire those of you shopping for friends and sisters who are totally stumped for ideas!

Now, Santa, I would like one of each of the below pretty please!…

xmas list.png


  1. Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick in Hot Emily – £23 – Charlotte Tilbury
  2. Magic Foundation in Shade 4 – £29.50 – Charlotte Tilbury
  3. Dolce & Gabbana Rose The One Perfume – £45.95 – All Beauty
  4. JorgObé The Original Black Peel Off Mask – £26 – JorgObé
  5. Silver Star Cuff – £35 – TADA & TOY
  6. Hoola Bronzing Powder – £23.50 – Benefit
  7. Silk Standard Pillowcase, Pale Pink – £35 – John Lewis
  8. Dogeared Sterling Silver Unicorn Bracelet – £38 – ASOS
  9. 10 Piece Essential Brush Set, Attention Seeker – £39.99 – Spectrum
  10. Dior J’Adore Perfume (30ml) – £49.50 – Dior
  11. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Sexy Sienna – £23 – Charlotte Tilbury
  12. Good vibes only A5 thick notebook – £10 – Paperchase
  13. Lavish Alice Sterling Silver Open Circle Ring – £26 – ASOS
  14. Deep Sleep Pillow Talk, 75ml – £22 – This Works
  15. Pixi Make-Up Fixing Mist 80ml – £16 – ASOS
  16. Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick – £19 – Too Faced
  17. Nike Black & White MD Runner Trainers – £55 – ASOS
  18. MAC Lip Pencil, Talking Points – £13 – MAC
  19. KMS California FreeShape Quick Blow Dry 200ml – £11.99 – Gooseberry
  20. ‘Laurence The Lamb’ Print – £24 – Ros Shiers

So there you have it, just a few of my favourite things at the moment and things I would like to try. I hope this inspires you to get some BEAUTIFUL gifts for your loved ones this Christmas 🙂

For even more inspo, take a look at my Mermaid themed gifts and Unicorn themed gifts posts.

love EJ xo

The weather outside is frightful, but the Library’s just delightful.

Getting out of bed for a nine am lecture is tough enough at the best of times, let alone when it’s still dark outside and you can already feel the chill of winter through your duvet.

Walking through Bournemouth University on a December morning your vision is flooded with maroon cardboard Costa cups. People sit among newspapers strewn across the tables and chairs scattered around The Atrium. Students queue in the shop. Waiting to buy more current newspapers to later discard for others read after them. People mill slowly around inside, moving faster once outside the automatic doors and the chill hits them. When it gets closer to the hour everyone speeds up, on their way to lectures and seminars. Suddenly there are more people on the move.

It is easy to tell the freshers from the second and third years. First years wear ‘Leavers 2010’ hoodies and carefree expressions. Hoodies seem to be the clothing item of choice today; perhaps it’s because of the weather. Maybe it’s because of the fact they had to get up to be in University for nine o’clock in the morning. Logos and brand names emblazoned across the front of jumpers intrude on your vision; ‘Jack Wills’, ‘Hollister’, ‘Soul Cal’ and most commonly ‘Bournemouth University’. The majority of people you see are dressed for comfort rather than style. Ugg boots and tracksuit bottoms are in abundance. Occasionally a particularly fashionable person catches your eye, or in this weather they might be called brave. One girl wears a long black and white striped bandeau top with a flimsy grey cardigan and leggings. Either she does not feel the cold or she is yet to invest in a winter coat. Other girls walk past with earmuffs, duffel coats and scarves, but with tights so thin you can almost see through to the goose pimples on their slim legs.

Second and third years are also easy to spot, with the stress of impending work deadlines and stacks of books in their arms. The joy of Christmas cannot be seen in any students’ eyes in the library. One particularly harassed third year on the Advertising and Marketing course with frown lines aplenty, Jack Ward, was less than jubilant about the upcoming holiday. “I’ll get excited about Christmas once all of my work has been handed in, for now I’m literally snowed under.” (We both smiled at the pun). “I’ve only just realised all my deadlines are in a week and Christmas is approaching way too fast”. It seems that the library is not only a place to do work, but also to get warm. “Everyone seems to gather here, it’s a great place for group work, plus it’s the warmest place in Uni.” However even inside the library, everyone is wrapped up in layers upon layers, excluding one man who walks around wearing just a T-shirt and a grin, seeming not to feel the cold at all. Everywhere you look there are woolly hats, scarves and body warmers, gone are the days of flip-flops and summer for all except this surprisingly warm man with his T-shirt and jeans.