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DOODLE: When it’s quiet at work, this happens to my notebook…


Freehand sketch


Black biro on ruled notebook.


Cosy up and snuggle down in floral

floral header

It’s getting to that time of year where all you want to do is stay in and snuggle.  My bed is my favourite place, I would stay in bed all day if that was OK, and work wasn’t a necessity – if only!  So when in bed and staying at home, why not make it the prettiest and coziest experience possible?  Here are my favourite floral cosy bits and homeware to make your bedroom and home a prettier, more wonderful place to be! Click on the links in the description below to buy… white based florals 2 1, Supersoft Floral Dressing Gown – £25 – M&S.  2, Elizabeth Floral Mug – £8 – M&S.  3, Lamp shade – £5 – Ikea.  4, Shabby Vintage Chic White & Pink Bunting – £14.99 – Izabela Peters via Amazon5, Emmie Blom bed linen -£40-£60 – Ikea.  6, Floral Throw – £10 – Tesco.  7, Vintage Pink Magnolia Flowers Cushion – £12.99 – Izabela Peters via Amazon8, Elizabeth Dinner Plate – £7 – M&S.  9, Bedding Set – £28 – BHS.  10, Antique Rose Bouquet Pillow Case – £14 – Cath Kidston. 11, Greenwich Rose Duvet Cover –  £50-£75 –  Cath Kidston.  12, Vintage Floral Phone Case – £4.99 – ebay.

I hope these help you to get all cosied up and snuggled down!


love EJ xo

The 365 Project

My friend has recently started (well since Jan 1st) taking part in the 365 project, a website where you upload a photograph every day of the year.  I wish I had known about it before, and I would have joined in too, instead I’ll wait until 2012.  Each of the images is unique and arty, and they’re all taken on her iphone!  I’m the subject of some of the images, so that always makes me check it daily to see what the next image will be…

Take a look at some of Katie’s photo’s below, or see the whole collection here.