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Music March: Day 31: Lifehouse – Storm

As it’s the last day of March I thought I would end with an amazing song, and one of my favourite.  This is another pretty slow one, but the key word is pretty.  This song is utterly gorgeous.  I love the accapella beginning and haunting music mixed with the soft piano.  Lifehouse are probrably my favourite band, I love Jason Wade’s voice (and his face) and its showcased really well on this track.  It’s a great chillout track, and so cutely romantic


Music March: Day 30: Ben Folds – The Luckiest

This song is so cute and pretty.  The lyrics make me happy, every girl wants a guy to sing this song to her!!  Ben Folds, formally of the band Ben Folds Five, is an American singer-songwriter who plays many different instruments.  I really like his music, but I think this one is my favourite at the moment, it’s so cute and touching, plus I love the piano at the beginning of the track.

Music March: Day 28: Nick Gunty – Shovel

This is such an adorable song.  I love the melody and the layering of voices and the way the music builds then fades, it’s beautiful.   Nick Gunty was another Twitter discovery (follow Nick on Twitter).  He is an American singer/songwriter and his music is just my type, folky, acoustic and indie.  Shovel is my favourite song of his, but also check out Veronica on his myspace page.

Here’s what Last.fm say about Nick:

“Nicholas Gunty is a multi-instrumentalist singer and songwriter of the midwest/newfolk tradition. Springing from a predominantly self-taught background in guitar, drums and percussion, piano, violin, and mandolin, Gunty’s arrangements backbone on rhythmic, nuanced phrasing and crooning vocal melodies. Gunty’s style and voice have been likened to a dynamic array of established artists from Paul Simon to Andrew Bird, and complement contemporary music with a fresh angle on musical composition.”

Music March: Day 27: James Blake – Limit to Your Love

This song took one listen and I was hooked.  It’s stunning, I love the piano, percussion and James Blake‘s voice on the track, but I think the most beautiful parts are the moments of silence.  I feel like these literally show the limit to the love.  The video is clever too, and he’s ridiculously handsome.

Music March: Day 26: Brendan Maclean – Cold And Happy

I found Brendan Maclean through twitter and am obsessed with this song already!  Another Australian, Brendan is a Sydney based national radio announcer, actor and critically awarded songwriter. Read more.

Music March: Day 25: Avett Brothers – I and Love and You

Ok, so this is getting boring, but in the spirit of things, I’m going to keep going with it until the end of the month!  Besides this is a truely lovely song!  Again I found it on a TV show, I don’t recall which one, but it’s an instant favourite.  Have a listen and watch the official video below, beautiful!

Music March: Day 24: Landon Pigg – Can’t Let Go

Landon Pigg was a  discovery of mine last year, I first heard of him when I watched ‘Whip It’ in the cinema, I loved the film and all the music in it.  Landon plays Oliver, a love interest for the main character, Bliss, played by Ellen Page (another one of my favourite people in the world).  Landon also plays music in the film, so afterwards I wanted to research him and find more songs.  This, along with ‘Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop‘, is by far my favourite.  It reminds me of a friend, and the lyrics are so truthful it’s touching.  Plus he’s kind of sexy in a messy-indie-rocker way.

Landon hasn’t had much success in the UK yet, but I really love his music and think that he’s going to be huge one day.  This song proves his amazing talent and really showcases his voice.