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I am all about getting down with a good skin care regime. I’ve never had awful skin, but it’s always been a bit spotty and blotchy and it’s a big fan of gifting me a whopping zit or ginormous lurker just before a big event. When you’re wearing make up every single day (except those lazy Sundays we all lay in wait for with no make up and puled up hair all day long – can I get an amen?!) it’s so super important to make sure you take extra good care of your skin. Plus we gotta get those selfies on fleek!

Recently my bestie Sarah has started working with a brand called NU Skin who, among many other things, offer some of my favourite skin care options on the market – zit-busting mud masks, wrinkle-banishing eye-cream and deeply-softening moisturisers to name but a few.

Nu Skin-logo-tagline-DTBY.png

I’ve sat down with Sarah to pick out the top 5 best skin care products on offer… They all produce amazing results and get you glowing before you even get to the make up stage! The best bit? I’ve got a cheeky discount code you can use when ordering with Sarah. Quote EMILYJANE10 to get 10% off your order.

Take a look at my picks below…


1 – Epoch Glacial Marine Mud Mask – £25
Favoured by TOWIE’s Fern McCann and Kirk Norcross as well as number 1 beauty Michelle Keegan, this mask is amazing at drawing out impurities, removing dead skin and nurturing skin. It’s full of minerals and goodness which our skin loves, including zinc, magnesium and silver! You just smooth it on in it’s dark grey form, then once it’s all dried to the lovely pale minty grey colour (about 15-20 mins) it’s time to wash it off. Use it a couple of times a week to draw out the toxins, then banish them! What I love about this mask is that it shows you how it’s working with oils visibly coming to the surface and being absorbed by the mask – I always end up with a very speckled nose as that’s where I have lots of blackheads and spots. Cry. I have to say though this really helps to make skin feel fresh, clean and happy! 🙂
Read more here.

2 – Polishing Peel Skin Refinisher – £30
Polishing Peel actually works to resurface and polish yout skin to immediately deliver fresh, glowing complexion. This is what you would usually expect from a professional microdermabrasion treatment and this amazing product is clinically proven to be equivalent to this, but all from the comfort of your own home, for a fraction of the price, and at any time you’d like! With pumpkin enzymes and volcanic clay, like the Mud Mask, this product is full of natural ingredients that your skin loves! When I’ve used it I’ve found it to work just like a face mask, leaving skin instantly feeling fresher, younger and happier. However it takes a fraction of the time – less than 5 mins and it peels off to leave you with a whole new face! (Disclaimer, not an actual new face, you won’t be Beyoncé, but it will FEEL like you are!!).
Read more here.

3 – Moisture Restore – £40
So this is just a really flipping good, luxurious moisturiser. It’s great for dry, senstive or mature skin with pistachio oil to nourish, aloe vera to soothe and vitamin E (the BEST thing in the world for skin in my – and my mum’s – opinion. Mother knows best!) to condition. It’s great when it’s really cold and your skin feels cracked and sad, or when it’s really hot and you might have a spot of the face peels from sunbathing. For day to day it’s also a fab nighttime moisturiser – slather it on before bed and wake up with skin feeling younger, restored and so so moisturised!
Read more here.

4 – Epoch Blemish Treatment – £15
Bye bye blemishes! I’ve been using a very similar gel from Clinique, but when mine ran out I switched over to this one and it’s just as effective, but cheaper! It’s got a bunch of magical ingredients to clean pores, reduce redness, soothe skin and generally sort those spots out! This is great for people who have frequent blemishes and red spots – as you can see from the before and after pics (only 2 days!) it does a stellar job! I use it for larger pimples and find that they’re noticeably reduced, if not gone overnight! Use this after you’ve cleansed your skin for the day. Be aware that it can dry the skin out if used too much, so use sparingly and with a good moisturiser!
Read more here.

5 – Tru Face IdealEyes – £45
Ok, so I’ve not used this one personally, but HELLO MIRACLE WORKER! The images above show how the eyes are looking after just 2 weeks of use and it looks like the clock has just been turned back on this lovely ladies face! While I’m sure there’s a handy bit of good lighting involved, it’s clear that this cream has had a huge impact on lines and puffiness. It’s proven to brighten, reduce signs of fatigue, puffiness and fill lines. what’s not to love?! It works short term as seen in the images above over 2 weeks, but it also works in the long term too – eliminating the pigments that cause dark circles.
Read more here.

So there you have it, some amazing, proven to work products. While they’re a little more expensive than your drugstore brands like Nivea and Simple (the devil products – don’t use these!), they’re such a high calibre of product I would put them in the realm of Clinique and Clarins.

Remember, you can get 10% off your order by quoting EMILYJANE10. To order, get in touch with Sarah via her Facebook page here, and give it a like to learn more about all the other great products on offer! Or you can email her directly: sarah.fitzsimmons@hotmail.co.uk.

Now go get that glow gals!
love EJ xo




Gilmore Girls is without question my favourite TV show of all time (I mean maybe Game of Thrones or West Wing or Newsroom or One Tree Hill or Luther come close, but over all, if push came to shove, it’s GG). And yes I’m proud (I have strange pride boundaries) to say that I’ve watched all 7 seasons on Netflix within 2 months of it being available in the UK (about time amiright?).

Watching it again – 16 years after the first season aired back in 2000 – has made me realise that some things really don’t go out of fashion. Except the bandansa Sooki and Laurelai used to wear all the time – those are done. And I got to thinking about how many of the fashion statements we saw Rory and Laurelai wear over those 7 wonderful seasons are still around today – or have come back after a few years off.

So I’ve picked out some of my favourite trends that were in then and are back now, so take a little look at how to emulate Laurelai and Rory with a 2016 twist…

The Spaghetti Strap Slip
Spaghetti Strap Slips.png
This is a Laurelai classic look – she’s a big fan of the triangle top, spaghetti strap slip dress or top for an evening look. Whether it’s metalic, silk/satin or floral, this shape was seen frequently through all 7 seasons and now it’s a look that’s EVERYWHERE! Further great news, baby blues are so in this season, so if you’ve got blue eyes like Laurelai (or me) these will really make them pop!

slip dresses.png
Stylish now: (L-R) Ciara, Jamie King, Ashley Benson, Anne Hathaway


  1. Cami Front Midi Slip Dress – £38 – ASOS
  2. Satin Midi Slip Dress – £24.99 – New Look
  3. Busy Garden Wrap Dress – £39 – Topshop
  4. Crepe Wrap Midi Slip Dress – £28 – ASOS


The Choker/Keyhole Dress
Key hole dresses.png
Another trend that’s all over the high street at the moment – chokers. As Taylor Swift said “I feel like maybe chokers are the new flower crowns?” – they are everywhere this summer and now, dresses with built in chokers! That black dress Laurelai wore to the BBQ at her parents house (far right above) was a WOW moment, and now you can get an almost exact replica!

Stylish now: (L-R) Taylor Swift, Khloe Kardashian, Jessica Wright, Selena Gomez


  1. True Decadence Petite High Neck Keyhole Pencil Dress – £30 £12 – ASOS
  2. Rosia Choker Neck Bodycon Dress – £25  £18 – PrettyLittleThing
  3. Malaya Crepe Choker Midi Dress – £25 – PrettyLittleThing
  4. Sophia Choker Neck Plunge Shift Dress – £12 – Boohoo


The Bardot Gown
Rory Bardot.png
Who could ever forget Rory’s prom dress which Laurelai made her? And when Emily said ‘Oh good you bought her a dress’ – the highest of Emily praise… *sigh*.
ANYWAY that gorgeous gorgeous man *cough* navy silk bardot gown was the envy of all at the prom (so was Dean) and the shape is back in a big way at the moment. Bardots are everywhere, but I’ve looked out the most sleek and stylish fits for that clean, modern look!

Stylish now: (L-R) Sienna Miller, Blake Lively, Lady Gaga, Reese Witherspoon


  1. Lavish Alice Deep Bandeau Asymmetric Hem Midi Dress – £58 – ASOS
  2. Michelle Keegan Loves Lipsy Rib Bardot Midi Dress – £35 – Lipsy
  3. Bardot Bodycon Mini Dress – £30 – Missguided
  4. Bardot Bodycon Dress – £55 – River Island


The Shortsleeved/Sleeveless Turtleneck
turtle necks.png
Another trend that’s back and everywhere! This was another staple through the seasons and often worn cropped or with high waisted jeans/skirts – so 2016! Team this look with wide-leg trousers for a chic, office look and denim shorts or skirt for the summer!

Stylish now: (L-R) Lily Aldridge, Alessandra Ambrosio, Olivia Munn, Karlie Kloss


  1. Honey Punch High Neck Ribbed Body – £32 – ASOS
  2. The Turtle Neck Body In Rib – £14 -ASOS
  3. Monki High Neck Top – £8 – ASOS
  4. Glamorous Rib Turtle Neck Top – £7 – ASOS


The Raglan Tee

This is a sportswear staple, but as part of the current sportsluxe trend, the raglan tee is a classic casual style. It’s all about the contrast sleeves and bold colours. Team a raglan tee with jeans and trainers for the perfect casual weekend look. Or wear with distressed denim shorts in the summer for a simple, classic sports look.

Stylish now: (L-R) Elle Fanning, Jennifer Lawrence, Niall Horan, Alessandra Ambrosio

raglan tops.png

  1. Contrast Raglan T Shirt – £8 – Missguided
  2. One Day Tall Contrast Raglan Tee – £14 – ASOS
  3. Baseball shirt – £7.99 – H&M
  4. Celina Contrast Raglan T Shirt – £10 – Boohoo

So there you have it, you can now channel Lorelai and Rory all week long, whatever the occasion!
love EJ xo


So as you may already know from my post last week – Primark Last Night – I did a spot of shopping last week. WELL… On Sunday I returned to Primark on Oxford Street to return the dungarees I’d bought as sadly they are not made for tall people and not particularly comfortable in the downstairs region.

So there I am, innocently popping into Primark to return said dungarees, when I walked out with even more items – why does this always happen!?

So I bought a cute unicone Tshirt for £3, a maxi skirt for £5, some over-the-door heart hooks (below) for £2.50 and a Cactus print (below also) for £5. HAPPY DAYS – I had totaled LESS than the amount I spent on the dungarees anyway! WOOP!

BUT while I was there I also spotted LOTS of other lovely bits that were super tempting… As the kind, thoughtful soul I am I thought I would share them with you to fuel your browsing addictions…

My favourite (as always) was the Home Department. There are some seriously beautiful (and totally affordable) finds there and they’re all so on trend!pri home


  1. Cactus Print – £5 –  botanicals are so in this season too! This is now hanging in our lounge…
  2. 2 Pack Floral Round Storage Boxes – £4 – Love these colours and floral patterns, well done Primark!
  3. Pink Fiesta Paisley Cushion – £5 – cute cute cute!
  4. Over-door Heart hooks – £2.50 – these are actually super sturdy.
  5. Black Embroidered Pom Cushion – £7 – I looooove this one *insert heart eyes emoji here*.

I also spotted some beautiful lace items in the Lingerie and Nightwear sections… Perfect for a cheaper option if you’re going for the lace bralette and over sized shirt look!

pri bralettes

Left – Black Guipure Lace Bralette – £8
Right – Black Longline Lace Bralette Set – £4
Soooooo pretty!!

They have also started to bring out their autumn and winter clothing, so there are lots of lush jumpers and wonderful coats appearing. I’m feeling too summery to get all excited about those at the moment, but go take a look in-store and let me know if you find any gems!

love EJ xo

Life under the electric (blue) lights: My top 5 blue bargains

Other than orange, electric blue is the colour to be seen in this season, as well as being fresh and bright, it’s also vibrant without being too ‘out there’, so easy to mix with more of your wardrobe.  I love the bright electric blue jeans and shorts seen on many celebs at the moment, and also love the shoes! Make a statement with a simple dress and some bright blue shoes, like many celebs have done on the red carpet!

Elisha Cuthbert :: Blake Lively :: Jessica Alba :: Kim Kardashian :: Jessica Stroup

The stars love the look and now so can you, for less!  Here are my top 5 electric blue high street buys…

1. Smart City Shorts – £34.99 – River Island

I definitely think that electric blue looks best when next to black, so this little woven belt which comes with these adorable shorts is perfect.  I love the city shorts look, they look great with a simple white vest top tucked in, or with a white shirt for work.  Wear with some yummy black or tan ankle boots for a more sophisticated look.

2. Racer Back Maxi Dress – £17.99 – Missguided

I love the simplicity of this dress, with the interesting back.  It’s perfect for a day at the beach or a day shopping.  Wear with a black waist belt to make the blue really pop and add a little something extra to the look.

3. Pump It Up Suede Platform Court Shoe – £55.00 – ASOS


Heidi Klum

Just like Heidi Klum, these shoes will add extra p-zazz to a simple dress, the monochrome outfit is instantly re-vamped with these bright blue shoes and they look amazing.

Wear them like Heidi with a short dress and simple accessories (never match your accessories to your shoes with bright blue) or go for a simple white tee, black skinnies and then these shoes to jazz up the outfit.

4. Skinny Stretch Jeans – £35.99 – Zara

You cannot go wrong with a good pair of stretch jeans, and these ones incorporate the peg-trouser look, the colourblocking and electic blue trend all in one.  I love the cute turn ups at the bottom and the details on the pockets.  Please do not wear them with these shoes however – yuck!

5. Bikini – Top – £14.90, Bottoms – £9.90 – Mango

Kim Kardashian is a big fan on electric blue, get a bikini like hers from Mango.  This bikini is simple, but the colour is eye-catching and looks much brighter in the flesh, the photograph doesn’t really do it justice.  I love the idea of wearing it under a thin white summer dress with some tan gladiator-style sandals.

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Seeing as it’s Valentines day, what could be more appropriate than cute clothes covered in hearts? Luckily hearts have been in fashion a long time, and will be for a lot longer too.  So there’s no need to worry about it going out of date in a few weeks like with that Santa Claus novelty jumper!

1. Heart Print Dress – £30.00 – ASOS.com

This dress is adorable, I love the shape and fullness of the skirt. I also like the print, with the nonuniform hearts scattered over the dress. It’s perfect for a summery day out or wear dressed up with heels, a blazer and jewelry for an evening out.

2. Illustrated People Heart Raglan Jumpers – £30.00 – Topshop

Slouch around in these cute jumpers by Illustrated People, in different colours and prints. Wear with a long top and skinny jeans for a casual look, or opt for wet look/leather leggings for a more edgy look and pair with heeled ankle boots.

3. Lurex Heart Jumper – £32.99 – River Island

This jumper looks lovely with high waisted black jeans, or could also be worn with a long top underneath and leggings for a comfy look. I love the soft colours used and the three quarter length sleeves. This cute jumper also comes in purple.

4. Love Heart Printed T-shirts – £8.99 each or 2 for £12.00 – New Look

These t-shirts are cute essentials and will look great for a casual day with a great pair of jeans and maybe a blazer. I love the little panda one.

5. Heart Jacquard Cardigan – £35.00 – ASOS.com

I love this cardigan!! There are very few left in stock, so if you want it, go get it now! I like the grey/white most I think. I love a good long cardigan, wear it open as the model does with highwaisted shorts/skirt, black tights and a simple white Tee. Or team it with jeans/leggings and a simple tee for a more casual/comfy look.

Cut Out the Middle Man: My Top 5 Cut Out Dresses

Cut out dresses have been around for a while, but at the moment it’s all about cut outs around the middle at the waist. Celebrities have caught on to the trend, most wearing black, but I love Audrina’s hot pink dress.

AnnaLynne McCord:: Audrina Partridge :: Kristin Cavallari :: Alexis Bledel

Cut outs at the midriff really emphasise the waist and for thin ladies with small hips, it creates the illusion of a more hourglass shape. Here are my top 5 favourite cut out dresses thanks to ASOS.com

1. Aqua Cirillo Mini Dress With Cut Out Detail£75.00 £40.00

2. ASOS Cut Out Shift Dress – £35.00

3. ASOS Cut Out Popper Dress – £40.00

4. ASOS Heavy Embellished Cut Out Body Con Dress – £45.00

5. ASOS Long Sleeve Cut Out One Shoulder Dress – £25.00

Pleather Pleasure: My Top 5 Leather Leggings

After a conversation with a friend the other day, regarding my post about the top 5 leather looks for the season, it was pointed out that I had forgotten to put any leggings in. I love the look of leather or faux leather leggings, adding instant edge to an outfit. Not really a new trend, but a popular one never the less, celebrities love them too…

Lily Donaldson :: Taylor Momsen :: Olivia Palmero :: Ashley Olson

So here are my top 5 favourite styles of pleather, leather and wet-look leggings, just a warning though, real leather doesn’t come cheap!

1. Dagmar Molly Faux Leather Panel Leggings – £109.00 – ASOS.com

If only these were cheaper!! I am in love. I like the fact that they’re not all over leather, just with the panels up the sides. These help slim the leg and also fit with the horse-riding trend at the moment. They look gorgeous with shoe boots and either with a plain white top tucked in and a blazer. Or wear with an oversized vintage rock style Tee and pumps for a casual look.

2. Matt Wet Look Leggings – £22.00 – Topshop

I am going to Topshop tomorrow and buying these. They look really good quality and are a good price. I love the shaped panels and slightly more matt finish to the fabric. Again, wear with a glitzy top and heels for an evening out or with flat boots and a chunky cardigan for a day time look.

3. Leatherette Knit Leggings – £17.80 – Forever21

I really like the leatherette knee panels on these leggings, they’re reasonably priced and have a rocker feel to them with the asymmetric lines. I love the way the model wears them with a roughly tucked white shirt and big metallic bangles.

4. South Wet Look Leggings – £14.00 – Very.co.uk

These are your simple wet look leggings, but cheap! They are a great replacement for your normal leggings, but with an edgier feel. I love when people contrast soft floaty tops with wet look leggings, so try some slightly longer tops with  a little volume to them in a white or cream shade.

5. Kelly Stud Leggings – £8.00 – boohoo.com

To increase the rocker feel to your look, try these cheap and cheerful studded leggings, the wet look looks great and the studs add a little something extra. I like the way the model wears them tucked into lace up boots, or wear with flat biker boots if that’s your style. Team with metal cuffs like the model or opt for bare arms but a big chunky statement necklace.

Look at more of my favourite leather looks for this season here.