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Please excuse me, I am having a total fan girl moment… I saw these pop up as an ad on my Facebook timeline and my immediate reaction was ‘OMG NEED!’

As a HUGE Gossip Girl fan and general Blake Lively adorer – she can do no wrong in my eyes – these sweaters are the DREAM. I love Rad‘s products and have always wanted one of their slogan jumpers, but I just didn’t know which one to pick. Now I’ve seen these, I have my heart set! Plus the fact that I love Serena and my bestie loves Blair. It just works out perfectly!!

If you’re not feeling the sweaters, no worries, there are beanies, caps and socks to fawn over too!


  1. Serena Beanie – £19.90
  2. Blair Beanie – £19.90
  3. Serena Sweatshirt– £29.90
  4. Blair Sweatshirt – £29.90

Check out all of Rad’s other GG themed items here. And you can take a look at some of my favourite Gossip Girl fashions through the seasons here 🙂

love EJ xo




There are so many ways to wear one of this summer’s hottest trends – embroidery. It’s colourful, folky and therefore perfect for the summer months! One way to make sure you’re always on trend with the look? Keep the base colour basic. I love embroidery on black and white. There are loads of other colours out there, reds and blues and baby pinks, but I think the timeless looks (and easiest to style) are those that sit on black and white backgrounds.

So which side do you belong to? The dark side – with bright pinks, teals and contrasting white embroidery? Or the light side – whites and creams with bold blues, reds and black embroidery? Maybe some of my favourite options below will help you make up your mind – or show you that you like a little bit of both!

embroidered darkCelebs on the dark side (L-R): Anna Kendrick, Beyoncé, Gigi Hadid, Olivia Palermo

  1. Short skirt – £19.99 – H&M
  2. Reclaimed Vintage Embroidered Envelope Clutch Bag – £16 – ASOS
  3. Embroidered Shirred Dress by Nobody’s Child – £30 – Topshop
  4. Embroidered skirt – £24.99 – H&M
  5. Embroidered Mini Skirt – 29.99 – Zara
  6. Embroidered Dress – £49.99 – Zara
  7. Embroidered Bralet by Glamorous – £39 – Topshop
  8. Embroidered bucket bag – £29.99 – H&M
  9. Floral Embroidered Bomber Jacket by Glamorous – £68 – Topshop
  10. Embroidered Lace Pencil Skirt – £70 – Oasis

light celeb embCelebs on the light side (L-R): Kate Middleton, Lily Collins, Katie Holmes, Blake Lively
embroidered white

  1. Embroidered Jacket – £89.99 – Zara
  2. Glamorous Petite Embroidered Sleeveless Top With Tassel Detail – £41 – ASOS
  3. Orange Tassel Embroidered Tote Bag£24.99  £11 – New Look
  4. Cream Embroidered Trim Fray Hem Cami – £19.99  £11 – New Look
  5. TALL Embroidered Bib Playsuit – £26 – Topshop
  6. White Embroidered Trim Strappy Dress – £29.99 – New Look
  7. Star Mela Placement Floral Embroidered Clutch with Tassel – £49 £22 – ASOS
  8. Embroidered Poplin Shirt – £29.99 – Zara
  9. Embroidered cotton blouse – £35.99 – Mango
  10. Embroidered Contrast Bomber Jacket by Glamorous – £45 – Topshop

And some final top tips? Go for floral and bold and bright for an all over pattern, but tribal, basic and subtle for an embroidered trim. Also try not to over-do your outfit by wearing a heavily embroidered piece with other bold patterns and bright colours – let your embroidered item stand out and do the talking to keep things super chic!

I hope you like the lovely items I’ve pulled together – let me know if you’ve got any great embroidered items this summer and where they’re from!

love EJ xo



Gilmore Girls is without question my favourite TV show of all time (I mean maybe Game of Thrones or West Wing or Newsroom or One Tree Hill or Luther come close, but over all, if push came to shove, it’s GG). And yes I’m proud (I have strange pride boundaries) to say that I’ve watched all 7 seasons on Netflix within 2 months of it being available in the UK (about time amiright?).

Watching it again – 16 years after the first season aired back in 2000 – has made me realise that some things really don’t go out of fashion. Except the bandansa Sooki and Laurelai used to wear all the time – those are done. And I got to thinking about how many of the fashion statements we saw Rory and Laurelai wear over those 7 wonderful seasons are still around today – or have come back after a few years off.

So I’ve picked out some of my favourite trends that were in then and are back now, so take a little look at how to emulate Laurelai and Rory with a 2016 twist…

The Spaghetti Strap Slip
Spaghetti Strap Slips.png
This is a Laurelai classic look – she’s a big fan of the triangle top, spaghetti strap slip dress or top for an evening look. Whether it’s metalic, silk/satin or floral, this shape was seen frequently through all 7 seasons and now it’s a look that’s EVERYWHERE! Further great news, baby blues are so in this season, so if you’ve got blue eyes like Laurelai (or me) these will really make them pop!

slip dresses.png
Stylish now: (L-R) Ciara, Jamie King, Ashley Benson, Anne Hathaway


  1. Cami Front Midi Slip Dress – £38 – ASOS
  2. Satin Midi Slip Dress – £24.99 – New Look
  3. Busy Garden Wrap Dress – £39 – Topshop
  4. Crepe Wrap Midi Slip Dress – £28 – ASOS


The Choker/Keyhole Dress
Key hole dresses.png
Another trend that’s all over the high street at the moment – chokers. As Taylor Swift said “I feel like maybe chokers are the new flower crowns?” – they are everywhere this summer and now, dresses with built in chokers! That black dress Laurelai wore to the BBQ at her parents house (far right above) was a WOW moment, and now you can get an almost exact replica!

Stylish now: (L-R) Taylor Swift, Khloe Kardashian, Jessica Wright, Selena Gomez


  1. True Decadence Petite High Neck Keyhole Pencil Dress – £30 £12 – ASOS
  2. Rosia Choker Neck Bodycon Dress – £25  £18 – PrettyLittleThing
  3. Malaya Crepe Choker Midi Dress – £25 – PrettyLittleThing
  4. Sophia Choker Neck Plunge Shift Dress – £12 – Boohoo


The Bardot Gown
Rory Bardot.png
Who could ever forget Rory’s prom dress which Laurelai made her? And when Emily said ‘Oh good you bought her a dress’ – the highest of Emily praise… *sigh*.
ANYWAY that gorgeous gorgeous man *cough* navy silk bardot gown was the envy of all at the prom (so was Dean) and the shape is back in a big way at the moment. Bardots are everywhere, but I’ve looked out the most sleek and stylish fits for that clean, modern look!

Stylish now: (L-R) Sienna Miller, Blake Lively, Lady Gaga, Reese Witherspoon


  1. Lavish Alice Deep Bandeau Asymmetric Hem Midi Dress – £58 – ASOS
  2. Michelle Keegan Loves Lipsy Rib Bardot Midi Dress – £35 – Lipsy
  3. Bardot Bodycon Mini Dress – £30 – Missguided
  4. Bardot Bodycon Dress – £55 – River Island


The Shortsleeved/Sleeveless Turtleneck
turtle necks.png
Another trend that’s back and everywhere! This was another staple through the seasons and often worn cropped or with high waisted jeans/skirts – so 2016! Team this look with wide-leg trousers for a chic, office look and denim shorts or skirt for the summer!

Stylish now: (L-R) Lily Aldridge, Alessandra Ambrosio, Olivia Munn, Karlie Kloss


  1. Honey Punch High Neck Ribbed Body – £32 – ASOS
  2. The Turtle Neck Body In Rib – £14 -ASOS
  3. Monki High Neck Top – £8 – ASOS
  4. Glamorous Rib Turtle Neck Top – £7 – ASOS


The Raglan Tee

This is a sportswear staple, but as part of the current sportsluxe trend, the raglan tee is a classic casual style. It’s all about the contrast sleeves and bold colours. Team a raglan tee with jeans and trainers for the perfect casual weekend look. Or wear with distressed denim shorts in the summer for a simple, classic sports look.

Stylish now: (L-R) Elle Fanning, Jennifer Lawrence, Niall Horan, Alessandra Ambrosio

raglan tops.png

  1. Contrast Raglan T Shirt – £8 – Missguided
  2. One Day Tall Contrast Raglan Tee – £14 – ASOS
  3. Baseball shirt – £7.99 – H&M
  4. Celina Contrast Raglan T Shirt – £10 – Boohoo

So there you have it, you can now channel Lorelai and Rory all week long, whatever the occasion!
love EJ xo

Celebrity hair trends: plaits and braids

The latest hair trend seen on the red carpets recently are plaits galore.  Whether it’s a traditional down-the-back plait, a to-the-side plait, a fishtail or a french plait around-the-head style, they’re a perfect way to bring a summery feel to autumn.  They never go out of fashion, it’s just knowing the right way to wear them for the season.

Plaits work for the day and the night time, they are a great alternative to a simple ponytail and look sexy falling over your shoulder or snaking down your back.  The beauty is that there is a style for everyone, whether your hair is long or short.

The key for this style is to always wear with waves, for a beachy, undone look. This works for long and short hair, with tendrils coming down around the face, it looks beautiful for daytime and evening wear.  If you’re going for this over-the-shoulder look then hair looks better in a side parting, usually on the opposite side to which the plait is falling.

Blake Lively - Diane Kruger - Tamsin Egerton

For a more clean cut, severe look, opt for a tight high ponytail with plaited hair, this will give a sexy tomb raider feel.  This look is great with long hair, meaning there is a long plait, if your hair is short then the plait will stick out and look silly.

Nicole Scherzinger - Blake Lively - Fergie

If you have shorter hair, then go for an around-the-head style plait, either across the forehead to hold your fringe back, or like Whitney Port below, french plait your hair back into a ponytail or bun.  This keep hair out of your eyes and creates an on-trend alternative to a normal ponytail.  If you don’t like having your hair all scraped back or tight to your head, then wear a looser plait like Karen Gillan below, which adds volume and texture to the hair.

Pixie Lott - Whitney Port - Karen Gillan

For fishtail braids, take a look at this tutorial below, from Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari.  I don’t personally like the look of the final outcome, it’s too low down and her hair is too straight, but the main method is easy to understand.

When I want to wear my hair down, but stay on trend, I love to french plait my fringe back, it’s perfect for a night out, it keeps your fringe off your face for when you’re dancing away and getting hot in a club, but also looks pretty and adds a little something extra.

Hope that gives you some insight into how to achieve the plaited look for yourself!  Try it out and let me know how you get on.


Life under the electric (blue) lights: My top 5 blue bargains

Other than orange, electric blue is the colour to be seen in this season, as well as being fresh and bright, it’s also vibrant without being too ‘out there’, so easy to mix with more of your wardrobe.  I love the bright electric blue jeans and shorts seen on many celebs at the moment, and also love the shoes! Make a statement with a simple dress and some bright blue shoes, like many celebs have done on the red carpet!

Elisha Cuthbert :: Blake Lively :: Jessica Alba :: Kim Kardashian :: Jessica Stroup

The stars love the look and now so can you, for less!  Here are my top 5 electric blue high street buys…

1. Smart City Shorts – £34.99 – River Island

I definitely think that electric blue looks best when next to black, so this little woven belt which comes with these adorable shorts is perfect.  I love the city shorts look, they look great with a simple white vest top tucked in, or with a white shirt for work.  Wear with some yummy black or tan ankle boots for a more sophisticated look.

2. Racer Back Maxi Dress – £17.99 – Missguided

I love the simplicity of this dress, with the interesting back.  It’s perfect for a day at the beach or a day shopping.  Wear with a black waist belt to make the blue really pop and add a little something extra to the look.

3. Pump It Up Suede Platform Court Shoe – £55.00 – ASOS


Heidi Klum

Just like Heidi Klum, these shoes will add extra p-zazz to a simple dress, the monochrome outfit is instantly re-vamped with these bright blue shoes and they look amazing.

Wear them like Heidi with a short dress and simple accessories (never match your accessories to your shoes with bright blue) or go for a simple white tee, black skinnies and then these shoes to jazz up the outfit.

4. Skinny Stretch Jeans – £35.99 – Zara

You cannot go wrong with a good pair of stretch jeans, and these ones incorporate the peg-trouser look, the colourblocking and electic blue trend all in one.  I love the cute turn ups at the bottom and the details on the pockets.  Please do not wear them with these shoes however – yuck!

5. Bikini – Top – £14.90, Bottoms – £9.90 – Mango

Kim Kardashian is a big fan on electric blue, get a bikini like hers from Mango.  This bikini is simple, but the colour is eye-catching and looks much brighter in the flesh, the photograph doesn’t really do it justice.  I love the idea of wearing it under a thin white summer dress with some tan gladiator-style sandals.

Top 5: Gossip Girl dresses through the seasons

This was the easiest and yet most difficult post to write! Easy because there are so many stunning dresses on  The CW‘s Gossip Girl, and difficult because there are SO MANY stunning dresses!! Finally I narrowed it down to the top 5 breathtaking dresses throughout the four seasons.

1. Serena’s white party dress – Season 2 – by Oscar de la Renta

This dress has to be my ultimate favourite, in fact I want it to be my wedding dress!! It’s stunning and flattering to Blake Lively’s figure, I think it looks better on her curves than on the runway. The way it was all out together, with her hair and jewelry to create a grecian godess look was very in in 2008, but this effortless style still works for 2011. A beautiful floaty white maxi dress can never fail in my eyes!

2. Serena’s Mullet dress – Season 4 – by Zuhair Murad

This almost-mullet dress is another which made me stop in my tracks when watching the show. Blake Lively looked amazing in it. I love the way it’s a long dress, but still shows of her amazing legs. It also pulls in at her tiny waist and shows cleavage without being too racy, which makes it sexier I think. Lace was very in last season, as was gun-metal-grey, so as well as being beautiful, this Zuhair Murad gown was so on trend. Exactly what you’d expect from an Upper East side girl in New York!

3. Blair’s Prom dress – Season 2 – by Marchesa

This gown is absolutely stunning, from the Marchesa Spring 08 collection, it’s intricate and yet bold at the same time. Marchesa is one of my favourite designers, and this could be one of my favourite gowns by the English duo. As well as being beautiful, the dress fits perfectly with Blair’s style, she wears romantic strapless dresses with voluminous skirts, where as Serena often opts for slinky, sleeved or strappy numbers. Therefore this was an obvious choice for Blair’s Prom gown and it definitely didn’t fail to wow us.

4. Vanessa’s cap sleeve gown – Season 3 – by Reem Acra

Normally I’m not a fan of Vanessa’s style in Gossip Girl, usually she is put in bright colours and prints. Although these look great on actress Jessica Szohr, they are not to my taste. So I was pleasantly surprised to see her in a Reem Acra gown in season 3. The colour looks stunning on her, and the neck line is so flattering. I love the jewel encrusted cap sleeves and the gorgeous floating skirt. I also love the way it as been styled with a red lip, diamond earrings and a soft up-do, for a sultry old Hollywood glamour look.

5. Blair’s Parisian red dress – Season 4 – by Oscar de la Renta

There is no denying that this dress is beautiful. With all of the different reds, oranges and corals, the ruffles are accentuated and add depth to the skirt. Again it fits with Blair’s style of strapless and voluminous. However the bright colour is quite out of character for Blair. However actress Leighton Meester pulls it off perfectly on set in Paris. Teamed with a red lip, gorgeous swept back hair and bright pink clutch, the dress is a jaw dropper.

I can’t wait for Gossip Girl to come back after it’s mid-season holiday break now, so that I can get my fix of the drama and of course, more stunning gowns.

Gossip Girl airs again on the 24th Jan 2011 in the US and returns to the UK on ITV2 soon.

Play it by ear

This season’s hottest jewelry trend is all about the rings, big chunky finger rings and long sparkly earrings. The celebs are all wearing their hair swept back and up with long dangly earrings grazing their sexy bare shoulders. The glitzier the better!

Rachel McAdams :: Carey Mulligan :: Mila Kunis :: Blake Lively

Jessica Szohr :: Taylor Swift :: Leighton Meester :: Nicole Scherzinger

1. Pearl Chandelier Earrings – £14.00 – Topshop

These stunning chandelier earrings are reasonably priced and are glitzy without being tacky. They’re 12cm long, so will rest gently on shoulders and really make a statement.

2. Filigree Earrings – £7.99 – New Look

With the hanging chains adding length to these filigree earrings they will have a nice swing to them. They have tiny diamantes embedded in them to add some sparkle and at such a low price they’re a bargain!

3. Oasis Chandelier Faux Pearl Earrings – £16.00 – ASOS.com

These are probably my favourite design out of them all. They are long and delicate, and the faux pearls add a vintage feel. They’re also studded with diamante so they will shimmer when they catch the light.

4. Erikson Beamon Purple Multi-Leaf Drop Earrings – £12.00 – Debenhams

These earrings apear black at first, but when they catch the light they are really a deep mottled purple. The leaf shapes are similar to those of the earrings worn by Taylor Swift in the image above and create a beautiful shape when put together. They’re also reduced from £15.00, so bargain! Debenhams have so many beautiful earrings on offer, and many of them very reasonably priced, so go and check out their website for more.

5. Coast Venner Earrings – £18.00 – House of Fraser

These stunning earrings really make a statement, with glitz-galore they will add instant Hollywood-glam to any outfit. Too much glitter can look tacky, but these avoid that and add a touch of class, plus with mini dangling diamante disco balls, you’ll be the life and soul of the party!

Also… Go check out places like Primark and Peacocks for earrings on a smaller budget, they always have a wide range of jewelry and you can be sure that prices will be kept low.

Just a Note… If you are going for the long drop look, then make sure they do not conflict with your outfit, you don’t want embellished shoulders getting tangled up with your earrings. The best way to wear the long drop and make a statement is to let them speak for themselves, with a strapless/one shoulder dress, hair swept back and simple make-up.