Top 5: Gossip Girl dresses through the seasons

This was the easiest and yet most difficult post to write! Easy because there are so many stunning dresses on  The CW‘s Gossip Girl, and difficult because there are SO MANY stunning dresses!! Finally I narrowed it down to the top 5 breathtaking dresses throughout the four seasons.

1. Serena’s white party dress – Season 2 – by Oscar de la Renta

This dress has to be my ultimate favourite, in fact I want it to be my wedding dress!! It’s stunning and flattering to Blake Lively’s figure, I think it looks better on her curves than on the runway. The way it was all out together, with her hair and jewelry to create a grecian godess look was very in in 2008, but this effortless style still works for 2011. A beautiful floaty white maxi dress can never fail in my eyes!

2. Serena’s Mullet dress – Season 4 – by Zuhair Murad

This almost-mullet dress is another which made me stop in my tracks when watching the show. Blake Lively looked amazing in it. I love the way it’s a long dress, but still shows of her amazing legs. It also pulls in at her tiny waist and shows cleavage without being too racy, which makes it sexier I think. Lace was very in last season, as was gun-metal-grey, so as well as being beautiful, this Zuhair Murad gown was so on trend. Exactly what you’d expect from an Upper East side girl in New York!

3. Blair’s Prom dress – Season 2 – by Marchesa

This gown is absolutely stunning, from the Marchesa Spring 08 collection, it’s intricate and yet bold at the same time. Marchesa is one of my favourite designers, and this could be one of my favourite gowns by the English duo. As well as being beautiful, the dress fits perfectly with Blair’s style, she wears romantic strapless dresses with voluminous skirts, where as Serena often opts for slinky, sleeved or strappy numbers. Therefore this was an obvious choice for Blair’s Prom gown and it definitely didn’t fail to wow us.

4. Vanessa’s cap sleeve gown – Season 3 – by Reem Acra

Normally I’m not a fan of Vanessa’s style in Gossip Girl, usually she is put in bright colours and prints. Although these look great on actress Jessica Szohr, they are not to my taste. So I was pleasantly surprised to see her in a Reem Acra gown in season 3. The colour looks stunning on her, and the neck line is so flattering. I love the jewel encrusted cap sleeves and the gorgeous floating skirt. I also love the way it as been styled with a red lip, diamond earrings and a soft up-do, for a sultry old Hollywood glamour look.

5. Blair’s Parisian red dress – Season 4 – by Oscar de la Renta

There is no denying that this dress is beautiful. With all of the different reds, oranges and corals, the ruffles are accentuated and add depth to the skirt. Again it fits with Blair’s style of strapless and voluminous. However the bright colour is quite out of character for Blair. However actress Leighton Meester pulls it off perfectly on set in Paris. Teamed with a red lip, gorgeous swept back hair and bright pink clutch, the dress is a jaw dropper.

I can’t wait for Gossip Girl to come back after it’s mid-season holiday break now, so that I can get my fix of the drama and of course, more stunning gowns.

Gossip Girl airs again on the 24th Jan 2011 in the US and returns to the UK on ITV2 soon.


15 responses to “Top 5: Gossip Girl dresses through the seasons

  1. Great picks! Serena’s gold sequin Tory Burch from the Pilot is also one of my favorites!

    • Thanks for your comment, I love that one too! But as I said, there are so many to choose from, I ended up opting for only evening and formal gowns. That dress is a Gossip Girl statement piece, everyone remembers it, and for good reason! It’s stunning!!
      Thanks, EJ xx

  2. Hi!
    I really love the crimson sequin mini dress that serena wore in season 1 episode 11…at christmas with Dan….I cant find any details on it anywhere!!! any clues as to who designed it??

  3. i need help 🙂 my mom said i could get a dress made, and i remembered a design of one of serena’s dresses but i cant find a picture of it anywhere, and i dont remember what episodes it’s from! its a short blue dress, and the shades vary from between light and dark blue, almost forming lines. Then there are about 7 straps that criss-cross in different directions over her chest. i think its in season 2 or 3. does anyone know where i can find a picture or what episode it’s in? i would be so grateful!! 🙂

  4. thank youuuuuuu!! 🙂 xxxxxx

  5. I’m trying to find a cheaper version of Serenas white party dress. Any suggestions??

    • Depending on how much cheaper you’re looking to go, here are a couple of suggestions…
      This one is a very good copy and comes in heaps of colours, if you wanted that option, but it’s fairly pricey.
      If you’re on a smaller budget and wanted something more casual/everyday then this one has a similar plunging neckline, and fitted bodice, but is more of a beach-wear option!
      I hope that’s helpful, love EJ xo

  6. Hi i dont know if anyone was every able to find the red oscar de le renta or even a cop of it because ive been looking for it everywhere and i really want to wear it to prom

  7. I want to buy the Marchesa dress but I can’t find it anywhere, or even find a similar version. Does anyone have a link towards a similar one that is cheaper, or even the actual one? Thanks!?!/

  8. lol no that red dress is perfectly blair. Bold colors is NOT out of character for her at all. She is always wearing a pop of color on her outfit somewhere, even if it’s just a yellow headband or red leggings. But she also wears bright bold coats, dresses, etc. look at this photo~

    and this one:

    So yeah I think that gown was so epic and perfectly embodying her style, personality, and herself!

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